Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When I Was Wednesday...

I got this idea from Kristen who did recaps of different years of her life.  If y'all haven't read her blog you need to!  You can read her recaps here, here, here, here, & here.  I thought about going back to high school but I don't have pictures on my computer back that far so we shall begin at 20.

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When I was 20...

I celebrated my birthday like everyone did prior to turning 21...Applebees.  Applebees was our go to place for pretty much everything.  Birthdays, girls' nights, trivia.
I totally miss that top by the way.  If I still had it I would rock the shit out of it.

My friends & I got together for anything & everything.

...New Years Eve...

...theme parties... games...
I went to a hockey college.  It was the only D1 sport at my school.

I made a brand new life long friend & went on my very first road trip.  Robyn & I met in class and found out that we had gone to the same high school briefly & she was best friends with the girl my cousin was dating at the time.  That was enough for us to decide we wanted to go on a spring break road trip down & through Missouri.

That summer I went on yet another road trip out to Colorado for a friend's cousin's wedding.  It was then & there that I fell in love with Colorado.  It is still one of my favorite places in the whole world.

20 was apparently a year of firsts for me because I also attended my first WeFest & haven't looked back since.  This coming August will be my 6th WeFest.

I also left my awesome apartment I had been living in with my boyfriend & moved in with my friends that I wound up living with for the rest of college.


  1. This is great. I love going back and looking at things that have happened over time. It's so good to see how you've grown and changed over the years.

  2. aww thanks for the shoutout girly! i wish i'd been able to go back further as well, but like you - no photos on the computer, barely photos at all really.. not to mention my memory isn't as good, haha! aw this was the year of the first wefest, awesome!

  3. Was the theme of the party rednecks?! Hahah!!

  4. Looks like 20 was a fab year girl!!