Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When I Was...

You can find me here at 20 & here at 21 if you missed those.

When I was 22..

Because I had so much fun the previous year, & all of my friends were now 21, I spent my 22nd birthday back in Minneapolis.  I'm pretty sure this is about the time when we found it necessary to take pictures with cop cars started (& lasted for awhile.)  This cop car was there (& a whole fleet of others) because President Obama was somewhere in the area.

My roommates & I (minus that illusive one...) before we went out to the bars for the first Halloween we were all 21.

Fav. College Roomie, the illusive roomie, & I went on a spring break road trip (& this picture is out of order but roll with it...) down to TX & back up to MN through Colorado.

I went to my very first Vikings game!

A bunch of people from my hometown got together for our annual Thanksgiving Eve

Because we had the coolest major ever (& the coolest people in it...) we had a Social Studies Ed ugly sweater party. (That was only some of us)

This was actually my least favorite NYE to date...(& some that followed included me having the flu or passing out before midnight)

We had a work Christmas party my favorite job ever, & these are some of my favorite co-workers ever!

After all of my roommates & I decided we weren't going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day...illusive roommate & I (who were the only 2 home) decided we were going to take green shots of vodka & UV Blue all night which resulted in Dominos pizza & a photo shoot.  I surprisingly felt fine the next day & my poor roommate felt like death.

I went to my first ever game at Target Field!

My ex-boyfriend deployed (this was his going away party)

I got my first tattoo!

Hung out on my parents' back deck with a baby bear (which really only makes the list because it's one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me)

Attended an annual kegger with some high school friends.

Went to the Buffalo Rodeo...

...and the Isanti Rodeo

Attended the MN State Fair for what would be my last time ever...well so far

Ended my summer with WeFest (this should be before the State Fair...)

I drove down to Texas for a wedding.

Some friends & I drove to South Dakota for a Miranda Lambert concert.


  1. Such fab pics!! You had a great year. I wish I took more pictures through the years!