Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventures of Little Bear

Yesterday I came home to find our dog Jack locked up.  This used to be the norm pre-invisible fencing, but he hasn't been locked up once since so I was extremely confused when I came home to this.  First I called my mom seeing if she knew anything; she didn't.  I then called my brother thinking maybe his collar wasn't working or something; it was.  So why was my poor dog locked up?  Because we had a baby (toddler) bear in our yard!  My brother said that it had probably been long enough & that I could probably let him out.  Well a couple hours later I hear Jack barking so I go out to look & there's a little bear in the woods.  So I put Jack in the garage incase there is a mama bear around & then go back inside to mind my own business.  Well maybe an hour later I decided to just go sit on our back deck since it was so nice out.  As I do this, luckily with my camera already in hand, the bear came back!  I stayed outside but right next to the door just incase mama decided to show up.  Baby bear sure, mama bear no thanks.

So I'm sitting there snapping pictures & taking video trying not to scare the thing.  Mama bear never showed so I started scooting closer to the edge of the deck.  We got as close as probably 10-12 feet apart at our closest.  It was such a neat experience!  For 2.5 hours me & there bear just hung out in my backyard.  He was so cute, but also a brat.  He ended up bending one of our bird feeder poles so that he could get to them & eat the bird seed.  My dad came home & eventually scared him away so that he wouldn't become a problem.

Well it turns out that today he came back!  Luckily he didn't get into it but that stinker found our dumpster so I had to move it into the garage & lock up poor Jack again.  He also bent our other feeder pole so that he could get to the seed again.  As cute as he is he needs to go.  My mom called the DNR (Department of Natural Resources for those of you who don't live in MN...side note I did not know that this is not what it is called in every state until I was in Colorado in March) anyway... she called them & left a message to see if they could move him or something so that he doesn't become a problem for us & the other neighbors.  They haven't returned her call yet though.

In that 2.5 hours yesterday though I managed to literally take hundreds of pictures (there were 545 when I uploaded them onto my computer).  Don't worry I deleted most of them and there are now a reasonable 17 of the bear plus 2 videos.  Here are just a few:

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