Monday, May 16, 2011

101 in 1001 - Half Over

As of yesterday I only have 501 days left to complete my 101 challenges that I set up for myself.  That should mean I should have about 50 of my challenges done right?  Right.  Well I don't.  I only have 28 done & 7 flat out failed so even if you combine those two I still have 66 challenges that I need to get my butt in gear on.  As poorly as I'm doing on this challenge thus far I'm already planning on doing another one once this challenge is done.  So what have I managed to accomplish in the past 500 days?

  1. I began the 101 in 1001 challenge (kind of a cop-out but you try coming up with 101 things, it's harder than I thought)
  2. Get a new part-time job (I've done this twice now in the 500 days)
  3. Move out of St. Cloud (I moved back in with my parents but it was still out of St. Cloud)
  4. But a wall size map to push pin (I have a US map & a world map pinned)
  5. Complete Project 365 2010 (I admit I cheated a little but I got 365 separate pictures posted)
  6. Answer the 50 Questions that will free your mind to re-open on day 1001 (I've been tempted to peak since it's also a file on my computer but I've resisted)
  7. Take at least 1 road trip (I took 2!)
  8. Write a letter to self to be opened on graduation day (I wrote it at an exact year before my grad. date)
  9. Finish Spring Break 09 Scrapbook (I finished it but didn't order it...)
  10. Finish Colorado 09 Scrapbook (I finished it, ordered it, plan on making a new one)
  11. Go camping (sadly it's only happened once; hopefully more this summer)
  12. Get a tattoo (I am in love with it & so glad I didn't chicken out)
  13. Get rid of 100 unneeded things (I didn't actually count but with moving & what not I'm sure I have over that past 500 days)
  14. Create an inventory of all DVDs/VHS
  15. Create an inventory of all books
  16. Accept a compliment with a simple thank you rather than pointing out my flaws (this one was a big struggle for me)
  17. Watch & photograph a sunset
  18. Go to Las Vegas
  19. Try sushi (hated it)
  20. Try fish again (didn't hate it like I used to)
  21. Visit Colorado again
  22. Go on vacation with only Branden (we managed to take a few)
  23. Eat a fresh piece of fruit everyday for a week
  24. Create a first aid/winter safety kit for my car
  25. Create a list of 100 Things about me (I blogged these)
  26. Create my family tree (I need $$ so I can get an ancestry membership so I can do more with it)
  27. Have a real picnic (Branden & I went for a drive last summer around the chain of lakes and had a picnic at one of the lakes)
  28. Win something (I've won on a few scratch offs since the best being $50 on my birthday)
So while I have only accomplished a small portion of my list I feel very accomplished every time I look at it.  When I look at the list I know there are some I'm not going to finish (not including the ones I've already counted as failures) because they were simply too ambitious (ie. I have 501 days to read 98 books... that's not even going to come close to happening) or because things in my life have changed (ie. my boyfriend of 5 years & I broke up which means the chances of me meeting The One & getting engaged in 500 days is slim to none...that's 1 year 4 months 12 days) or I'm just not interested in doing it anymore (ie. learn to bartend).

Here's to hoping that I do accomplish at least half of my goals!

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