Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween-Roommate Dinner-Vikings v Cardinals

So I haven't updated really in quite some time. I've been meaning to share all of these pictures & events for awhile now but I keep forgetting and then not having time. So instead of three posts you all get one mega-post. Let's start off with a little bit of Halloween...

Here are just 4 pictures. I didn't really take a whole lot of pictures to begin with on Halloween but then the ones I did take... I didn't really like. I saw lots of interesting characters while out but here are some that I actually captured. To say that my Halloween was a blast would be an exaggeration. To say I had fun might even be pushing it. It wasn't the worst night I've ever had but it's up there. We spent the entire night following a roommate's boyfriend & his friends around. That' simply not who I am. I would rather do whatever & if we happen to run into each other or want to move along at the same time fine. But she was so concerned with leaving when they wanted to leave & going where they wanted to go that I pretty much just sat there all night getting annoyed.

1. Me & 2 of my roomies (the other was at work). We were a cowgirl, a go-go girl, & pin-up girl.
2. Some random butterfly girl.
3. Alan from The Hangover. We saw lots of them but this guy was by far the best.
4. Brett Favre & Jen Sterger. There was also a few Bretts out there.
Two of my roommates decided that we needed to have a roommate dinner one night to cut the tension in the apartment. Whatever. It did not help at all first of all. Second of all, one of the girls whose idea it was (& the one where all the tension lies with) did not help at all. Me & the other roommate who did not request the dinner did a large majority of the cooking & cleaning. Also, once dinner did roll around we all sat there in silence. Holy awkward batman. Needless to say tension is still high & this will not be happening again anytime soon if ever. Dinner was delicious though. We had lime brown rice & chicken enchiladas. For dessert we had chocolate dream bars. Mmm.

1. Limes for the rice.
2. Enchiladas in the oven.
3. Dinner.
4. The best dessert ever. Sooo many calories.
On Nov. 7th, I went to my very first Vikings game. I had a blast. I honestly could take or leave football. I don't hate it but I'm not obsessed by any means. I went with my mom & some ladies from her work. I also got to see one of my best friends who I haven't seen since the end of September. (Which is actually pretty damn good for us because I can't tell you the last time I saw her before that.) We played the Cardinals & actually won. I really didn't think they would pull it off. We were down by 14 with 7 min left in the game. We were able to take it into overtime & win by a field goal. Before the game we tailgated in the parking lot & did a little afterwards while we waited for all the traffic to disperse. The lot that we were tailgaiting happened to be where the cheerleaders park so we got to meet about a dozen of them.
1. Mall of America field. Which will always be the Metrodome to me.
2. The tickets
3. Some of the food & drinks
4. Minneapolis one of my favorite cities.

1. The 34th Infantry Division Red Bull Band (The MN National Guard is the Red Bulls. Branden, who was not at the game, is a part of the 34th Infantry Division)
2. Of course they would put them right by the cheerleaders haha.

Just some pics during the game.

1. No idea who that guy was supposed to be. A Vikings super hero?
2. This guy was constantly trying to get people on their feet & excited.
3. That man actually tattooed horns to his head. That's dedication & stupidity.
4. Fire Chilly signs were everywhere. There was even a chant.

1. Me & my friend from hs
2. Us & some cheerleaders
3. Us & a cheerleader
4. My mama & me.

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