Saturday, July 16, 2011

Backstreet's Back, Alright!

So this week I skipped both "Seriously?! Thursday" & "Fill in the Blank Friday".  I had very good reasons for skipping both though I swear.  On Thursday I left for Fort McCoy in Wisconsin to go pick up Branden for a pass that he has before he actually leaves.  So I spent all day driving and with him.  Friday my reasoning was just as good.  I spent most of the day with him & then that night my cousin and I went to The Official Backstreet Boys After Party.

Thursday I left a little before 10 am to embark on a 3.5 hour journey to go pick up Branden.  I actually really enjoyed the drive which is a good thing since I will be doing this again, only farther, in just 6 months.  There was a little confusion when I got there as to exactly where I needed to go.  I quickly found him though and we were on another 3.5 hour journey home.  We checked in to the casino when we got back & then went to go meet his family for supper at Applebees.  Afterwards we headed back to the hotel & checked out the hot tub before heading back to the room to just hang out & watch some How I Met Your Mother & Scrubs.  I won't say the night went completely drama free but all & all it was a great time. 

Friday we checked out of the casino & went to briefly gamble before the brunch buffet opened up.  I lost $16 and he broke even.  The buffet was amazing & I definitely ate more than necessary.  I wasn't hungry at all until my cousin & I went to dinner later around 7-7:30 that night and brunch was at 11.  After brunch we went to go see the final Harry Potter movie, definitely loved it and definitely cried.  After that I dropped him off at his parents' place and then drove in to town.  I thought about goign straight home but knew no one would be there and just needed to drive around for awhile to relax and calm down due to the tears (even though I'll still be seeing him Monday).  While driving around my brother text me asking if I could go get his spare keys because he was in such a hurry when he got back to work that he managed to lock his keys in his car, while it was running.  So I played super here & saved the day and then headed home to get ready for my night on the town.

We went to Applebees for some supper.  We both got the appetizer sampler and it was amazing.  I absolutely love Applebees, hence the not really caring that I ate there 2 nights in a row.  After supper we turned on the Backstreet Boys Pandora station and headed to downtown Minneapolis to get to the club.  When we got there it was dead, & we got there late.  Supposedly it was supposed to start at 10 and we didn't get there until 10:30ish.  So a few things ran through our heads including "this night is going to be lame" "did we miss something" "did we get scammed".  I assure you we did NOT get scammed. 

We had originally wanted to go to the concert and were super bummed that we didn't get tickets.  At this point I am actually super glad we didn't go to the concert, not that the concert sucked, or that I would know.  But because since there was no one there we decided to walk around the club and explore, and managed to get in trouble, twice.  The second time turned out to be a blessing however.  We were just standing around and my cousin walks into a little area with couches and a security guard comes over and tells her "excuse me miss you can't be in here this is where the Backstreet Boys will be" ohhh reaaalllyyy.  Perfect!  We made that our post for the night and because everyone else was still at the concert we didn't have to fight for the space.  So when they walked in there we were.  I kid you not when I say I was less than an inch from Nick Carter & Howie D.  We almost got our pictures with them too but they stopped at the girls right before us.  We did get some amazing pictures though and Howie gave my cousin a chapstick promoting his new single 100 Kisses.

Jordan Knight & Donnie Wahlberg also showed up & the 4 of them put on a mini concert.  It was absolutely amazing and a way better experience than the concert would have been.  Because the club is fairly small we got super super close to them for only $35.  Whereas we were going to get $30-$50 nosebleed seat tickets for the concert.  We defintely made the right choice.  Here are a few pictures from that night & a couple of me & Branden.

Me & Branden: Goofy

Me & Branden: Not Goofy

Nick Carter

Howie D

Donnie Wahlberg

Jordan Knight

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