Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break 2011

For spring break this year two of my roommates & I decided to go on a road trip.  It was so much fun & I am ready for another trip already. 

On Saturday March 5th, 2011 we headed out early in the morning for Kansas City, MO.  By the time we got to the hotel there wasn't much to do because of the time.  So we decided to get ready & find some place to eat.  We grabbed the map from the hotel & it had only a few choices on it, out hotel was kind of in the middle of nowhere.  So we picked the closest one, Dirks, it was an amazing choice.  It was a bar & grill and it was so much fun.  The food was great, it was karaoke night, & they had $1 beers.  Score!  We even made a friend.  A divorcee who was ready for some fun.  She basically could have been our mother because well, she was my mom's age & had a daughter our age.  But she was so much fun and of course watching drunk people sing is always amusing.  There was this impressive nerdy looking white rapper named Franklin.  He could be the next Eminem he was that good.  After too many beers, the sober roommate drove us back to the hotel & where we passed out for a good nights rest.

The next morning we got up early and headed even farther south for Amarillo, TX.  It was a long drive through Kansas & Oklahoma.  By the time that we got to Amarillo, one of us, not me, was not up for doing anything but didn't want to be left alone so we ended up just hanging out in the hotel not doing anything.  I suppose it was alright but doing something, anything would have been fun.

The next day we didn't set out alarms since we didn't have to be anywhere by any certain time.  So we got up, went to eat at Waffle House...LOVE that place..., & then headed out to explore.  First stop, Cadillac Ranch.  It was so cool.  For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a bunch of old Cadillacs that are nose down in a field that people can go spray paint.  We met a family from Australia while we were there.  Afterwards, because I love zoos, we headed to the Amarillo Zoo.  It was lame.  Don't ever bother going there.  Luckily Monday was free day because they really don't have anything at the zoo.  I thought the Duluth Zoo in MN was the worst zoo ever, I was wrong.  Afte that we headed back to the hotel briefly before heading to the Palo Duro Canyons.  They were gorgeous.  We spent quite a bit of time driving through them & stopping to take pictures.  After that we were hotel bound so we could get ready for our big night out.  We went to Cadillac Steak Ranch.  If you are ever in Amarillo, go there.  We had decided on that place because it had been on Man v. Food.  It was so much fun though.  We got free limo service to & from our hotel, got to watch 3 people attempt the 72 oz steak challenge, met a very cute waiter who sounded exactly like Josh Turner, got serenaded by the house band, and just overall had a grand ol time.

The next morning we were Colorado bound.  (It's Tuesday March 8th at this point if you've lost track ha)  Colorado is my absolute favorite place in the world.  It is so gorgeous & peaceful.  Anyway, we drove through part of New Mexico where we got to see our first real wildlife, pronghorns!  When we got to Colorado Springs we stopped and explored the Garden of the Gods and ate some Qdoba.  After some time there we headed up to Greeley where my friend lives.  We got settled there & then he took us out to a bar to meet his girlfriend & so that we could try bull balls, yes bull balls.  They actually weren't bad at all, I would probably eat them again actually.  The waitress was so nice and gave us both bull and buffalo balls since they have different textures.  After the bar we all went back to his place and really didn't do much.  It was actually pretty awkward until gf left, more about her in another post though.  After she left we drank a little & then all went to bed.

The next morning we once again didn't set our alarms because we had nowhre of importance to be.  My friend had a work meeting that day so when we did finally wake up there was a note in his kitchen of things that we could go see & do.  So we all got ready then headed to Estes Park to explore.  It was so cool there.  We got to see elk & big horn sheep.  Plus the mountains are always gorgeous & the town was so cute.  After spending most of the day there we headed back to his place.  We ended up going to his girlfriend's place for awhile to see her animals, she has pigs & goats.  My friend also taught one of my roommate's & I how to change a tire.  After that we headed to some other place to see more of her pigs & then we all went out to dinner at TX Roadhouse.  I ate so much steak on this trip it wasn't even funny, so delicious though.  After that we dropped girlfriend off & then went back to his place to drink & watch movies.

The next day we didn't have to set our alarms either even though we were set to leave Colorado.  The distance to our next location was the shortest of our entire trip so we decided to sleep in again.  However, I was wide awake by the time my friend had to leave for work in the morning so after he left I just got up, got ready, & hung around until the other two woke up.  We bummed around for quite awhile before we really decided to leave.  Since we were still there we met up with my friend for lunch before heading out to Rapid City, SD.  That drive was so awful.  Worse than the long ones perhaps.  It was gorgeous for awhile in Wyoming but before long there was nothing.  No people, no mountains, no stops, no cell phone service, nothing.  By the time we reached our hotel in Rapid City we were all so wiped out from all of the driving and activities over the week that we went to dinner and passed out.

The next morning we woke up bright and early because we had another long drive ahead of us & were going to lose an hour with the time zone change.  That drive was also extremely uneventful.  We were all so ready to be out of the car and apart for awhile.  Not that any of us were hating on the other ones but being together for literally 24 hours a day for 7 days... it's a bit much.  So we drove & drove & drove until we were finally home & then we all went our separate ways.

Overall though, the trip was so much fun.  I am ready for another road trip.  The travel bug bit me after my first spring break road trip my sophomore year of college & now it just won't leave me alone.  It doesn't help that I've taken basically two trips a year since then.  Spring Break Road Trip 09, Summer Road Trip 09, Spring Break Road Trip 10, Vegas 10, Spring Break Road Trip 11...  I keep trying to think of where I can go & what I can do this summer but I really should just save up my money instead.  I suppose we'll see what life throws my way.

I'm going to create a separte post for my pictures so that this one isn't super long.

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