Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life Happens

I haven't posted in well over a month.  For that I am so sorry.  I have neglected all of my blogs.  I haven't even been participating in Scavenger Hunt Sundays or taking my daily photos for a couple of my other blogs.  I have to run to class in a few minutes but I promise that updating my blogs is on my list of to dos for the day.  Sometimes life just happens & somethings get put on the back burner.  When I clicked my google reader today to try to catch up I had well over 100 new posts that I had yet to read.  The semester is coming to an end & I have been insanely busy.  This week is especially crazy so I should probably keep the blogs on the back burner for awhile but it's been too long & there are so many things that I need to update you all about.  Heck I never even posted pictures from my spring break road trip & we've been back almost a full month already.  So mostly for me so I don't forget, but also a little for you so you know what you have to look forward to, I promise that I will tell you all about:

-Spring Break
-My Latest Boy Drama
-My New, & Hopefully Final, Student Teaching Plans
-The Crazyness of This Semester
-My Quarter Life Crisis I Have Going On

Ok off to class!  30 days from today I will be free for the summer!

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