Sunday, February 27, 2011

Long Time No Blog

It certainly has been awhile since I've posted anything in here.  I just haven't had anything big happen that I felt was worth posting.  Well, there was some boy drama that lasted about 24-48 hours.  I thought about posting about it but at the time decided against it & put it in my more private blog so said boy could never stumble upon it.  But I'll give you the short version:

-2 years ago girl meets boy online
-Boy & girl talk a lot for a good month & discuss meeting
-Girl who had been single for less than a month let another girl get to her & freaked out about boy
-Girl goes all crazy on boy & contact is cut
-2 years later boy "likes" a comment girl had made on boy's profile 2 years prior
-Boy & girl start messaging each other
-Girl is happy
-Boy requests girl's friendship & girl accepts
-Boy & girl chat briefly
-Boy ends up deleting girl
-Boy is a douche.

Other than that my life has been the same old same old.  My spring break road trip is coming up soon!  We are leaving Saturday morning,  I will definitely be blogging about the road trip.  Either during the trip or after, we'll see.  Hoping this week goes by fast.

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