Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 8

Student 1: Miss you got some nail clippers
Me: Umm no
S1: Unprepared!  Who doesn't carry clippers?
Student 2: Apparently you...
M: Just bite it
S1: Miss these things are long & sharp!  They're like sharks!

Not a single one of my JV girls has ever played softball before...
Player: Miss...
Me: Yes...
P: They let boys play softball??
Me: umm no?
P: points to opposing player on 3rd base
M: (trying desperately to be the mature adult) That's a girl...

A group of boys discussing different foods
Male Student 1: I hate Lucky Charms
Males Student 2: No one hates Lucky Charms!
Male Student 3: Get outta here! That's my favorite cereal!
MS2: Even the teacher is looking at you weird
MS1: Who likes Lucky Charms?!
MS3: Apparently everyone but you!
Me: Lucky Charms are my favorite cereal!

While watching Snow White (it was a free day due to testing)
Student: Miss she be pissing me off!
Me: Snow White??
S: Yes!
M: Why?
S: Who does she think she is??  She knocked & no one answered.  She's so nosy just walking in & bringing all the party animals!  She's lazy too...making all of the animals do the cleaning!

Student: That Snow White is wifey material!


  1. Hahaha. These students are my fave!
    Snow White is probably wifey material.. i mean she cooks and cleans... (I type as my boyfriend cleans all the dishes. hehehe)

  2. She thought it was a boy on 3rd! hilarious!!

  3. I love these kids. Snow White be pissing me off. Hilarious!

  4. hahah you told her to just bite it! haha your students are hilarious!