Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy 26th, GOLDEN, birthday to my cousin, who is like my best friend, Becky! 

First things first, I'm doing this post out of obligation...just kidding, kinda.  Whenever she reads my posts she always brings up the fact that she is only vaguely mentioned.  So I promised her that someday I would dedicate a post to her.  So post I will & all about her us it shall be.  Why us?  I'll explain shortly.

Secondly, when I asked her what I should include in this post all about her, her only response was, "only the fact that I'm fucking awesome!"  Well there ya have it folks, that's apparently all you need to know.  It is the truth.  She is fucking awesome.

We have been best friends since I was born, well except for a small time period when we were in our mid to late teens but that is neither here nor there.  It's not like we hated or even disliked each other...we just weren't so co-dependent.  Which is what we are.  Which is why this is about US & not HER.  She is 2 years older than me & except for that minor little blip in our lives we have been super close for as long as I can remember.  Our closeness has only gotten worse better as we've gotten older.  Our co-dependency has definitely increased.

In any given 24 hour time period we will have 200-ish text messages sent between the two of us.  A matter of hours will pass & if we haven't text it's odd.  Big time co-dependent I tell ya.  If there was a support group for co-dependency we'd belong in it.  However, we'd probably end up attending together, sitting in the back, & laughing non-stop about God knows what...which would totally defeat the purpose of the meetings.

Even when we were little we would mail each other letters back & forth.  It's not like we grew up hours apart either, I'm talking like an hour.  We made many long distance phone calls.  We would spend the night at the other one's house as much as possible.  We essentially secluded ourselves at family gatherings to hang out.  We created clubs, such as Nature Club, that I assume we hoped would make money & that others would join.  To this day I have a cassette recording of our nature club.  We also made tapes.  She's lucky they are back in MN & even if I had them I wouldn't know the first thing about getting them onto the computer.  We were country music enthusiasts, so much so that we once threw a minor fit when 2 of our other cousins changed the radio to a pop station.  We then transitioned into Backstreet Boys enthusiasts.  We made dance routines to songs.  We wrote songs.  

Now that we're older & more mature we text & Facebook each other.  We call each other.  We have random sleep overs.  We seclude ourselves at family things.  We make videos.  We are music enthusiasts.  We take road trips.  Ok we took A road trip but there WILL be more.  We send each other completely immature but hilarious pictures usually found from Pinterest.  When we are together we take pictures that are usually anything but serious.  When we aren't together we text each other pictures of us making faces.  We plan my hypothetical wedding. ... Ok so maybe we aren't all that mature but we are older!

We are completely, 100% related...and you can tell.  She knows more about me than anyone else.  I like to think/assume that I know more about her than anyone else.  I better be right!  Can't make a decision on something? Ask the other one.  Already made a decision on something but want it verified?  Ask/tell the other one.  Need to cry/bitch/be whiny?  Talk to the other one.  Who knows all of my "classiest" moments?  She does.  Well actually most people do.  She however is keeping track.  I cannot wait for the day that I get married & she is my MOH...even though that'll break my best friend from High School's heart.  But that is also another story.  She's going to be the most kick ass MOH this world has ever seen.  Her legitimate family & my hypothetical family will take vacations together.  We will be our mothers & our kids will be us with their "Why are they laughing all the time?!  What is so funny?! Ugh it's so annoying *mocks laughter*

Happy Birthday Becky!  And remember "when I said you were my best friend, I meant that you are the only person on Earth who knows almost everything about me and you better keep your whore mouth closed!"  Love you!

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  1. i am jealous of your tan lines! my skin misses warm warm sun!