Thursday, December 20, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Jul-Sep 2018

Just under 2 weeks to go until 2019!  In case you missed them, I previously recapped January-March & April-May.

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-Most Viewed Post: The Taste of Summer
-My Favorite Posts: Dirt Roads & Tadpoles

My Life:
I headed back to Texas after 2-3 weeks in Minnesota

Despite not coaching volleyball this year, I went back to work to help out with volleyball camp

Blog Stats:
-Most Viewed Post: The First One In August
-Most Commented Post: The First One In August & Quotes To Live By
-My Favorite Posts: Happiness Happens

My Life:
I saw Kip Moore in concert

I officially went back to work

My 7th year of teaching began

Blog Stats:
-Most Viewed Post: What's Up Wednesday
-Most Commented Post: Fall Bucket List

My Life:
My friend Abby came to visit

I started dating a guy...

...and broke up with said guy

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  1. I love these throwbacks, I get to see the posts I missed!