Friday, August 17, 2018

Ready Or Not Here It Comes

Happy Friday everybody!  I feel like I can finally start saying that with some conviction now that I'm back at work everyday, even if this week was just staff developments & teacher work days.  Starting Monday the kids will be back!  Linking up with Amanda.

From The Blog
Monday: I recapped my rainy weekend.

Thursday: I shared some quotes that I love.

From The Phone

What I Was Up To
Monday: I left work at 10 am & it was glorious.  It was semi-annoying that I drove nearly 2 hours round trip to be at work for 45 min to an hour but I got to go home & that's all that really matters.  We were supposed to plan with our content area but since half of our group was at practice coaching & the other half of us teach a second subject I made that call that we all go plan our own stuff.  So I went home & plan I did.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Nothing exciting.  Went to staff development meetings both days about stuff that we are either already aware of and/or could have been an email.  #TeacherLife.  On the upside though we were out before 3 both days so I got to go home & get my exercise in.

Thursday: School starts Monday but Thursday was the first day we were even allowed in our rooms because of construction.  However, I am in another teacher's old room & so I didn't even do anything in my room because she had to move all of her stuff into her new room.  So I left at 1:45.  It was just a work day & since I had no room to work in, I bailed after lunch & some planning with my department. 

That night Raeann & I went to our first "Sippin & Shoppin" event in the Stockyards.  The wine was good, the shopping part was lame.  You were restricted to just Stockyard Station which is basically a half dozen identical tourist shops.  We did stop into one store though where this girl makes the cutest bands for smart watches & fitbits!  Y'all need to check her stuff out!  After we drank our wine we walked down to The White Elephant Saloon so I could get a hot dog because I had been craving one for days.  Shaun Michael was the live entertainment for the night & if you like country music you should definitely check him out as well!

Random Thoughts & Things
-I was supposed to have 2 dates this week, I have 0.  To be fair I cancelled them both.  I was supposed to have a date Tuesday but the guy & I had stopped talking after we made the plans & so after a couple of days of no talking I was out.  I was also supposed to have one tonight but then last night I finally asked the question I should have asked when we first started talking & we are not on the same page at all as far as what we want so I told him it was probably better if we just didn't go.



  1. Good for you backing out of the date with the guy with no communication. You will meet your guy hun :)

    And yessss to the lol being added to make a text sound not angry haha

  2. I saw the dog thing online and about lost my mind. So damn adorable!