Monday, August 20, 2018

Back To School 2018

Here it is, the Monday I have been dreading for awhile now.  Today is the first day of the 2018-2019 school year & even though it's my 7th first day as a teacher, it doesn't get any easier.  However, I've decided to "yolo" the hell out of this school year in order to save my sanity.  I hope you all have a fantastic Monday.  Linking up with Biana.

Friday was the only day I had to actually work in my classroom & I got next to nothing done.  Between a morning meeting, having to meet for planning with my team, & just little things here & there, I got very little done.  This of course set me off into a weekend of stress.  At a little before 4, after running out of stuff I was decorating with, encountering internet, projector, and speaker problems, as well as not being allowed to make copies for the week, I said screw it & went home.  I hung out with Nash for a bit, laid down for a bit, & then left to go meet up with Raeann at Cowboys for a night of dancing.  I had a lot of fun & was able to de-stress a little.  The hot dog from my favorite hot dog lady also helped.  She was even so kind as to give me a 2nd one when my clumsy self dropped my first one in the trash while trying to put relish on it....  because I had gotten less than 5 hours of sleep the night before I called it a night before Raeann & her coworker who had met up with us so that I could go home & get some sleep.  No pictures were taken.  Well that's not true, I took a picture of my hot dog but it wasn't even a good picture so I spared y'all...

I should have done so much but I did next to nothing.  Nash-o & I slept in & then waited until a little after 2 for my new couch to be delivered.  I'm in love with it.  I had planned on keeping my old one, & I still will until I move out of here at least, but it just looks so sad compared to my new one so I may get rid of it when I move.  In between watching lots of movies on Netflix I did manage to get some food prep done.  I made Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Zucchini.  It was supposed to be zoodles but I wasn't in the mood to mess with my spiralizer so I just sliced it instead.

Nash-o let me sleep in again on Sunday.  When we woke up I made some Twice Baked Breakfast Potatoes for part of the week.  I then made a Starbucks run to get me some coffee & Nash a puppy whip.  After Starbucks it was off to donate blood.  My iron was finally high enough!  However, my blood pressure was also through the roof.  To the point where the nurses had it going even higher because they were scaring the shit out of my hypochondriac self.  So I called my mom, she talked me off of a ledge, the Red Cross people were trying to send me to the emergency room.  Instead I rested, am now tracking my sodium intake, & am making an appointment to see a doctor to just get an annual checkup & see if I actually need blood pressure medicine or not.  This is where the year of yolo came in.  I am almost always stressed out & I do not manage it well.  So that & watching my sodium are the first steps, & then possibly meds.  

That evening while watching more Netflix there was an episode of Cops happening outside my window.  I still have no idea what happened.  Drugs maybe?  Or maybe stolen property?  Everyone was being super calm & cooperative & they were searching that truck.  Two guys did eventually get hauled off though.  Well I assume.  They both got cuffed, one in a vehicle & one just on the curb, while the truck was being searched.  When I looked up again later everyone was gone so I don't know if the 2 guys got taken with or if they were just cuffed for the time being during the search & then also went home.


  1. YOLO the heck outta this year girl and GOOD LUCK today!! HUGS!

  2. Hope you had a great first day back!

  3. I hope the first week back is successful for you! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Thank you for reminding me about zucchini. That skrimpy thing looks delicious and it will probably be on next week's menu because it's also super simple. We did baked potatoes with toppings as dinner last week, toppings were leftover sausage + cheese and sour cream. WIN. I've been more and more lazy about dinners lately and with school starting, I don't see that ending anytime soon.

    I like how zen I am on anti-anxiety meds, as I, too, tend to stress TF out about every little thing. The only downside is the horrible forgetfulness that is a side-effect. :((((((

  5. Yay for being back to school! Those breakfast potatoes looked amazing! Stalking pinterest now.