Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Labor Day Weekending

I am technically *still* weekending.  I have an appointment today but because of the time I had to take the whole day off.  I'm personally super excited that I only have a 3 day work week this week & that next week will also be a short-ish week as far as time spent teaching goes.  I hope that all of you had a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.  Linking up with Biana.

I thought Friday would never arrive.  Monday had flown by but then the rest of the week lasted forever & ever!  Before heading into work I stopped at a nearby bakery to get a couple of cupcakes, one for me (Jane's Chocolate Addiction) & one for my friend (Funfetti).  One of my seniors who is in the culinary program also brought me a rib towards the end of the day because they have been working on creating their own seasonings.  The cupcake & the rib were both delicious!  I got home & just hung out with Nash until it was time to pick my friend Abby up from the airport.  We stopped at Applebee's for $1 Strawberry Dollaritas & half price apps before heading home.  I couldn't even finish the drink.  It was so gross.  It was like drinking pure syrup...which makes sense since they're only $1.  The spin dip was good though!

Saturday we saw all the things...

...and ate all the things.

We went to Lazy Dog for brunch where I decided to try something new & got the Bacon & Egg Mac & Cheese.  It was really good!  Then it was off to Oak Cliff Brewing Co fore their grand opening.  We each got a flight to try their different beers.  It was a really cool place.  I loved their mango beer.  I had been craving macarons, so when we left the brewery I was on a mission.  I tried heading to a place in the Bishop Arts district first but couldn't find it.  So then I put in Chelles thinking of the Plano location but in reality ended up at the one at the Dallas Farmers Market.  Guess I can check that off my Dallas Bucket List now though!  We walked around for a bit & I also left with some Pudding on Smiles pudding.  It was so good!  We went back to feed & check on Nash as well as change before heading back to Dallas to go to Deep Ellum.  We walked around to see some different murals, ate at the Green Room...twice, & also hit up Deep Ellum Brewing & made some dog friends.  For the second time now I ordered a late night salad at The Green Room.  I'm pretty sure ordering a salad & water at 10:30 at night at a bar officially puts me on the "too old to hang" side of things.  We left not long after that salad haha.

Sunday morning Abby & I slowly got ready & then headed to Texas Live to eat before going to the Twins v Rangers game.  We were planning on going to Pudge's Pizza but they weren't ready when we got there so we wandered into Miller Tavern & Beer Garden instead.  Excellent random choice!  I got the Nashville Chicken Sliders & they were amazing!  I also left my number for the cute bartender right before we left to cross the street for the game.  I got our tickets that morning off of Seat Geek before we left.  Our seats were on the 3rd baseline in row 2 for $10 each.  It. Was. Awesome.  Of course it was also 100 degrees out so after the 3rd we went up to the Jack Daniels lounge to cool off.  We only lasted 3 more innings because I wasn't about watching the Twins get their asses handed to them.  It was 0-12 when we left, it ended at 4-18.  We hung around my apartment for a bit & then headed out to the Stockyards for supper.  We went to H3 & I got the catfish.  It was meh.  It was paper thin so it was really mostly breading.  We went to White Elephant for just a little bit but it was super crowded & with really young people so then we walked around a bit & then just went home.

Monday started with breakfast tacos before I had to bring Abby to the airport so she could go back home.  Nash & I spent the entire day on the couch watching Heartland & cuddling.  I did have another brief stint at the ER but mostly because I got myself super worked up & had a panic attack.  I almost didn't even go in but since my blood pressure had been super high a couple of weeks ago & I am on meds now I talked myself into going.  My blood pressure was high, & they wanted to do a CT scan for blood clots (I didn't have any), but basically me being there, relaxing, & calming myself down made everything go back to pretty much normal & they sent me on my way.  I got home just in time to eat some supper, watch a little more Heartland with Nash, & get some blogging done before calling it a night & heading to bed.


  1. You and Abby had a blast and my goodness, I'd be eating all the things too when they look that good!

  2. A 3 day work week sounds pretty wonderful! I'm sure the dallas farmers market is jut wonderful!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Heartland looks like The Ranch with different characters and horses instead of cow. Or that's my image comparison, lol.

    Good on you for going to the ER. I definitely would have done the opposite and talked myself OUT of going.