Wednesday, April 1, 2015

When I Was...

This post was originally supposed to happen a month ago but as you all know sometimes life just happens.  So because I still have nearly 7 more months of being 26, & I already recapped 20, 21, 22, 23, & 24, I give you

When I Was 25...

I rang in my 25th birthday by going out for Mexican with a group of friends & then two-stepping with Little Miss Indiana.

I had the WORST date of my life.

As always I returned to Minnesota during Thanksgiving break to go deer hunting...

...and spend Thanksgiving Eve with high school friends.  This is also the night I got talked into attending WeFest 2014 because I had been on the fence about it.

I saw Whiskey Myers in concert.

I went home again over Christmas break where I spent time with high school friends...

...and college friends.

I rang in the new year with Favorite College Roommate & her friend from high school.

I saw Granger Smith aka Earl Dibbles Jr in concert.

I saw Curtis Grimes with Mr. Fireman

My parents came to visit & we explored San Marcos...

...A Cave Without A Name near San Antonio...

...and climbed Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg...

I visited my friend in San Antonio for the rodeo where we saw Billy Currington.

I went to the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook off with Art Teacher

Favorite Ginger came to visit me & we explored Houston...

...saw REO Speedwagon at the rodeo...

...and checked out the Kemah Boardwalk.

I saw Zac Brown Band with Art Teacher at the rodeo...

...and helped her celebrate her birthday white trash bash style.

My friend Bridgette came to visit & brought along her friend from high school.  We hung out in Austin...

...and San Antonio...

...and Galveston.

I went on one of the COOLEST dates ever!

I chaperoned prom once again.

I moved!

I had so much drama throughout the year with Mr. Fireman that each post is not worth mentioning but he has his own tag should anyone care to follow the drama.

I watched my second set of seniors graduate & also attended the graduation of the kids I had student taught when they had been in 10th grade.

I checked off another state by driving through Arkansas

I got to meet Craig Campbell

Went to the rodeo with Music Soul Mate

Attended First College Roommate's bridal shower

One of my cousin's got married

Went to Firefest with Favorite College Roommate & her friend where we met Old Dominion & also saw Chris Hawkey, Thomas Rhett, & Jake Owen.

Attended First College Roomate's Bachelorete party

Saw Josh Abbot Band

Met Will Hoge

WeFest of course happened!

Art Teacher & I went to a few different outdoor concerts.

I flew back to Minnesota for First College Roommate's wedding...

...and again for another cousin's wedding.

I decided I was moving back to Minnesota...

Art Teacher got married


  1. Your concert list for your entire life must be very impressive! Love it!

  2. You have been to so many concerts!!! I also love the cave with no name :)