Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WeFest 2014

So it only took me nearly 2 months to get this up...

If you just want to watch a decently long video made up of nothing but pictures & the 2 songs we started each day with then click play up there.  If not...read below.

#TeamHashtag arrived Tuesday evening to get our site set up.  Once all was settled Music Soulmate, E, & I set out to find a dance party.  We found one & danced the night away.

We started each morning with bloody marys because that's just how we do.  We also put up our beautiful handmade banner (we're buying one for next year)

After showering, eating, & drinking Music Soulmate & I set out to meet some people.  The guy in the backwards hat I had actually briefly met 3 years ago at WeFest.  He had stopped by my campsite that year & then when we were wandering around & started playing beer pong with these guys I realized that I knew him.

Some more random people we met on our adventure.  I don't remember why we took a picture together because I'm pretty sure we didn't really talk to them.

I think we dance partied with these people?  Maybe we played a drinking game?  Maybe we just found them on our walk?  Regardless they wouldn't go away...finally once we were back at our site we just started ignoring them hard core until they left.

BTW this is why I shouldn't wait 2 months to talk about WeFest.  It's blurry enough day to day let alone 2 months later.

We had a campsite that consisted of 2 or 3 campers & like 3 or 4 tents.  We all got together that to play some good ol fashioned, super dangerous, beer darts.

Me & Music Soulmate

**I also hooked up with my one & only person of WeFest that night...who I do have a picture of but I'm not sharing for various reasons.  It's a guy that I had actually been interacting with on Twitter with for about 2.5 years...  It actually led to kinda being friends & he led me to more Twitter friends... as in we're all going to a concert together (Music Soulmate included) in October in San Antonio**

After showers, bloody marys, & breakfast it was back to Beer Darts...

...and flip cup...

...and push up competitions...

...Indian leg wrestling...

...Hashtagging on anyone & everyone that would let us take a sharpie to their skin...

...& oh yeah! Concerts started that night! Charlie Worsham...

...Florida Georgia Line...Jason Aldean was also that night but I was so unimpressed I walked out before he was done.  I had seen him before but he gets worse every single time...


Music Soulmate & I ready to start the day

The "I'm With Randy" girls
(So back story the previous year one of our friends...Music Soulmate's brother...convinced quite a few girls he was Randy Houser...because drunk girls are stupid)

Randy, his girls, & his bodyguards

Randy Houser!

The original #TeamHashtag

Brad Paisley...sad fact...I walked out of him early too.  He was 20 min late & wasn't all that impressive.

We pretty much all just hung out together that last day.

We spent a large majority of time just at our site.

We did go on a large group adventure once though rather than like on previous days where it was pretty much just Music Soulmate & I wandering around on our own.

We saw Travis Tritt...

...and Brantley Gilbert where I cried 99% of his set because feelings...

...and Zac Brown Band.

We woke up at the ass crack of dawn & headed home...silently...The End ha.

Worth the wait?


  1. oh my goodness - what a whirlwind! leg wrestling?! looks like a ridiculously awesome time, no wonder you love it! although i will say i feel a hangover coming on just from reading ;)

  2. Cute outfits girl!!! Looks like y'all know how to have a fun time!