Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Cannot Tell A Lie

**I'm already counting down the days until I'm back in MN (51)**

**Now that I have a plan I want to be able to start the process right now...again with the patience...**

**I told my friend I wouldn't be attending both parts of her "re-do" bachelorette party & I don't feel the slightest bit bad**

**I wrote my first "real" blog post in a long time...coming soon to a blog feed near you**

**Lately getting rid of my credit card debt sounds more exciting than adding to it to have fun (except this month...which super excited for the events but slightly stressed about the whole more on the credit card aspect...)

**I am beyond excited that I finally get to watch the Vikings on TV tomorrow.  I'm even more excited that they play the Packers**

**There's a concert I really want to go to on Friday but I already told my friend I couldn't go to part of her bachelorette party because I couldn't afford it...the concert is only $13 though & a night of drinking/dancing would be way more...I know she won't see it that way though**


  1. What's a bachelorette party redo? Or rather why is someone doing that? lol

  2. i'm with nats - what's a "re-do" bachy party? did the first one suck?

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. What is a re-do? That just sounds interesting?!!?!?

    Glad you made the decision and feel good about it!!!!!

  4. Uhm a redo? I'm assuming the original didn't go as well or as planned as the bride hoped? After shelling out for the first one (especially if it was a weekend or something) and then all the wedding expenses.... I would have passed on it as well.


  5. I talked to some friends who shelled out $200-$300 for a bachelorette party and are attending two showers plus the wedding- that's THREE weekends for the one couple, and two weekends for the other couple. That's five weekends of the fall dedicated to two couples. No- I'm sorry, I have no one I like enough to spend that much time & money. Don't feel bad at all.

    Hubby & I are working on budgeting/debt. It is honestly more exciting than I thought. I think this is adulting...

  6. Ouch... good luck on explaining that because you're right, she probably wont see it that way. I get it... but people get irrational when they get upset.
    Good for you for watching your money though!

  7. what is a redo bachelorette party? i say go to the concert! haha but she'll probably be pissed.

  8. Is your plan to move back to MN? I'm confused because I'm behind on blog life! And a redo bachelorette party with two parts is too much to ask of people... I would have said no, too!

  9. I think I can only handle one bachelorette party that is for sure!

  10. Wait what... a 2 part re-do party?! There's a major sense of entitlement or something going on there...
    And paying off credit card debt is fun :) Feels so good at the end!

  11. "Re-do" bachelorette party???? Pffft. Bitch, please. You get ONE.

  12. A don't get the re-do thing. Please explain.

  13. I would have went to the $13 concert and smuggled in my own booze, I'm classy like that.

    And countdowns are one of life's greatest little things.