Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Seven Year Itch

On Saturday this little blog turns 7.  Say what?  How is that even possible?

Here's a little look back at my blog over the years.

The very first post!

My top 5 most popular posts of all time
(It's a post about 2 people I went to high school with who had been killed in a car accident)
(Don't bother clicking.  As is made clear in many of my old posts, I didn't understand the concept of actually saving pictures to my computer & then uploading rather than just copying & pasting.  It's basically a blank post.  All of the picture links are broken & since it was nearly 6 years ago I have no idea what the pictures were.  Blogging fail!)
(The time I bitched about having to miss WeFest in 2010)
(A confession post from 2014...only 2 broken images woo!)
(An article, that I did not write but loved, about why passionate women, like me ha, are so awesome)

My blog has been all over the place over the past 7 years.  It went from random rambling diary to all the link ups all the time to somewhere in the middle.  It's been brought up on more than one occasion lately by bloggers everywhere how much blogging in general has changed over the past couple of years.  There are things I miss about each phase.  I miss old school blogging where people were real & genuine.  Where they wrote to actually write about their life & such.  I also miss the a billion link up days because that's where I found most, if not all, of the blogs that I follow now.

7 Posts Chosen Completely At Random
(Just as the title suggests it is literally just a post telling you what my favorite movie was at the time. 7/30/2010)
(A Friday Favorites post. 12/19/2014)
(A look back at 2013 in pictures. 1/1/2014
(Back when I actually gave a damn & worked out/ran. 1/18/2013)
(My very first So True Tuesday post, which I continued for a little over a year, where I posted things I had found on Pinterest that I found to be extremely accurate. 11/25/2014)
(A link up that I used to participate in where we'd answer 5 different questions each week about ourselves & such. 10/20/2013)
(From when I used to share a song I was loving every single Monday. 11/13/2010)

Back when I started this blog I was 21, living in Minnesota, going to college to be a teacher, & had been dating a guy for 4 years (who I would break up with 8 months later.)
*This was right around the time I started the blog*
First of all, no ever better let me cut my hair that short again.  EVER.
Second of, I definitely fell off that chair I'm sitting in at some point that night...

I'm now 28, living in Texas, teaching but going back to school for my Master's in Communications, & single.
*New Years Day 2017*


  1. wow, 7 years! That's awesome, happy almost birthday little blog!

  2. Seven years is a lot! How fun to have such a long documentation of your life. :)

  3. The short hair doesn't look that bad!