Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Memories, Dreams, & Reflections

1. Me!
-Headed to the San Antonio Rodeo (February)

2. I Love You
-My family came to visit me! (April)

3. Still Laughing…

Mardi Gras (February)

4. Winter Wonderland
-My neighbor's barn (December)

5. Birthday
I turned 25 this year! (October)

6. Friends
-World Beeries (May)

7. I Was Inspired…
-Warrior Dash (March)

8. Spring Fever
South Padre Island - Spring Break (March)

9. Travel or Vacation
-My mom & I took a road trip through the South! (June)

10. Summer Days
-Lake Superior in Duluth, MN (July)

11. A Day In My Life
-Senior class of 2013! (June)

12. All Smiles
-Out Two-Steppin (September)

13. Autumn Harvest
-Deer Hunting (November)

14. Family or Home
-My parents & my brother & his girlfriend (April)

15. Celebrate!
Christmas Day! (December)

16. Let’s Do It Again…
-WeFest! (August)

17. I Miss You
-My dog Jack who lives with my parents (January)

18. Beautiful
-Texas Sunset (May)

19. Dress Up
Halloween Party! (October)

20. Macro
Minnesota Sunset (November)

21. Holidays
Easter at Galveston, TX - March

22. My Favorite
-I won 8th row tickets to see my favorite artist: Eric Church (August)

23. Don’t Ever Change
-Out of the 19 classes I've taught so far these kids are my favorite (January)

24. Just Because…So There!
9/11 Heroes Run (September)

25. Hopes and Dreams
Color Run Minneapolis! (July)
--I hope to run more races this coming year.  My goal is to try & do one a month...we'll see if I can stick with that.--