Wednesday, June 18, 2014

That's Just The Way It Is

**I almost always start confessing new things on Wednesdays after I've linked up my post**

**I a little bit miss Ryan**

**Since my summer vacation started I haven't wanted to eat anything that's actually in my apartment...I just want pizza, Chipotle, & McDonalds.**

**I spent the better part of a day watching A LOT of Catfish on TV...I don't even watch the show on the regular but I just got sucked in & couldn't stop**

**I can't stop biting my nails.  They were so long & pretty...I even had a manicure...but then I got stressed & couldn't stop**

**When my friend says/types "bloog" it legit makes my skin crawl.  Why can't you just say ugh like a normal person?!  WTF is bloog anyway?!**

**Clearly the dumbest/smallest things get on my nerves**

**I set up multiple dates with different guys because it's summer & I have way too much free time**

**I 100% put my cousin's fiance & her friends on blast on Facebook.  I do not tolerate ignorant people**

**All of those dates except for the one with Mr. Fireman (which doesn't even count as a date...just dinner, sex, & a long heart to heart) did not happen because apparently nowadays when a guy asks a girl on a date it actually means I don't want to talk to you anymore?!**

**I can assume by now I didn't get the job at the district I interviewed for but I find it highly unprofessional that after interviewing I didn't get a phone call, letter, email letting me know I didn't get the position.  Hell, districts I DON'T interview with let me know when their positions are filled**

**This whole not blogging everyday is kind of nice...except I'll probably try to blog Sunday-Friday in July...we'll promises...**

**If I never plank again it'll be too soon...My shoulders are so fucking the end of the month I'm supposed to be at 5 minutes**


  1. what is this catfish business? i keep hearing about it. i guess i can google it but i'm lazy!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Catfish is so dumb but if I watch even 30 seconds of an episode, I am sucked in for the whole hour. It's baaaaad... And if you have Mission Burrito near you, try it. Like Chipotle but a million times better!

  3. I recently got sucked into Catfish for the first time. It is a trainwreck!

  4. I a little bit miss Ryan too. At least I knew who he was! And oh man, I love that Mark Ruffalo/Hulk gif! <3

  5. Hey Brianna!!! LOVE it all!! I have to admit, even though Ian is hot hot hot, I am totally going through Ryan withdrawals! And OMG Catfish!! GREAT show!! I don't watch it when it actually airs but when the re-runs come on I am hooked!! And good for you for putting them on blast on FB!! I hate ignorant ppl.. Great GIF for that too lol!! The worst thing a company can do is not call you back as a courtesy after the interviewing period. Its just manners! And what is Bloog lololol!!?? Weird hahaha!! ;D XO


  6. Never heard of Catfish. I think that is terrible that you interviewed and they have not sent you anything...what the hell. If you interview the least they can do is send an email.

  7. How rude! I hate it when companies don't follow up with people to let them know that they've moved on with other candidates. It's just common courtesy! And ommggg Bloog?? What in the hell??? Also, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with planking!

  8. I miss Ryan too- such a cutie. I got so sucked into Catfish that I actually started recording it for lazy/rainy days. It's so ridiculous! And I pretty much want pizza/Chipotle/Taco Bell all the time!

  9. haha I dont watch Catfish all the time but if I am flipping and see it on I stop! The show is hilarious!!

  10. I always think of more confessions as soon as I publish on wednesdays lol

  11. Ughhh see while you were expecting a call that you didn't get the job I got pissed when they phones me and told me the position was filled (I didn't even interview) send me an email!!!! Lol the plank challenge is so hard! Keep it up though even if it gets kinda boring

  12. I got stressed at work today and bit my nails. I only do it once in a blue moon but today was that day! They're so gross looking now!

  13. oh my god, can I tell you how much I love all of your confessions! HA I love when I giggle out loud when reading, it's a rare occasion but this one got me. It's raining me girl, get it! :)

  14. i'm always amazed how ppl get catfished! i'm also amazed how i always get sucked into that show. I love it!!!

  15. I totally have a Wednesday draft for the next week created as soon as I hit publish. I also sometimes text myself things for Teh Blog because otherwise, I'll totally forget, and it makes me sad when I can't share my funnies with other people.

    And all the gifs. You should win a gif award.

  16. Girl I love Catfish.
    Oh, and I am doing the same things with dates, too. haha YOLO.