Monday, June 16, 2014

My Last Full Weekend In My Apartment

I started watching Army Wives again.  It still makes me cry even though I know how everything ends.  I also saw 22 Jump Street with Mr. & Mrs. Hipster.  I'm pretty sure I liked it better than the first one.  Afterwards I brought some more stuff over to my new place.  I am so over moving.

I watched even more Army Wives, got almost my entire closet packed up (It really made me wonder why I always feel I have nothing to wear when I had to buy 90 more hangers...despite already having clothes on hangers & at my new place...).  I got to meet up with First Texas Friend & his fiance for a drink & appetizers before meeting up with Art teacher to go to the James Taylor concert.

I packed some more, brought more over to my new place, & then packed even more.  I also read for a long time by the pool...actually in the pool because it's hot as hell here.  Then I of course spent the rest of the night watching Army Wives.  I should be procrastinating a whole lot less because I want everything except the big stuff out of my apartment by Saturday & starting Tuesday I'm subbing half days for summer school.


  1. Binge watching tv shows.. now that's my kind of weekend! ;)

  2. Army wives is my favorite, I love it so much.

  3. I wish Army Wives didn't end. I loved that show and a few years ago I watched all episodes on Netflix in order to catch up. I'm now trying to finish Ghost Whisperer and find something else to watch. I want to watch 22 Jump Street too. They have a 2nd one out now. I love Zoey from New Girl and was pissed after I finishe the 2 seasons and found out netflix doesn't have season 3 and i can't find it anywhere else. They need to catch up and update things. Literally. What's the point in paying almost 8 bucks if when watching a show the words and lips dont match what's being said? makes me mad.

    Found you thru another blog and i'm glad i did. You blog seems great. come check mine out. say hello.

  4. I can't wait to see 22 Jump Street! Love those 2 together!

  5. Hey, I found your blog on bloglovin! you have me in stiches laughing over here! nice to meet you ;)