Friday, February 24, 2017

To San Antone I Go

Today I am leaving work at the start of my conference period so I can head to San Antonio for the weekend to visit my friend Robyn.  I'm not saying it's the worst drive, because that would be Dallas to Houston, but if you wind up anywhere near Austin during rush hour life is a nightmare.  That's why I'm ducking out early.  Otherwise I'd hit Austin somewhere around 5:30-6 & would sit there for forever.  Linking up with Amanda!

What I Was Up To
Monday I sort of had a day off of work.  There were no students but we teachers had to sit in profesional development all day. I spent most of it exhausted & also trying not to cry.   I was exhausted from getting less than 5 hours of sleep the night before & then trying not to cry because about mid day Mr. Awesome decided to end things via text.  That night I got back on Match to continue the search as well as go back to watching Shameless.

BLOG: No post

Tuesday At staff development the day before I had learned that curriculum wise I was ahead of the rest of the district.  So I used that, & the fact that my A day kids had watched a movie with my sub on Friday, to have a screw it day & watch Finding Dory all day because I was not in the mood.

BLOG: I recapped my long weekend of concerts, an awesome date, & a break up.  Is it really a break up if it was only 2 weeks??

Wednesday After a quick little meeting during my conference period I ducked out early (seriously having the last period off is the best/worst thing ever) & headed to Old Chicago so I could start the next little mini tour.  I apparently had enough points for my next reward so I got my deck of cards.  Not quite sure was the next prize is.  I know that if I go 3 more times by March 19 I get a free shirt, & if I go 7 more by then I get 2 free shirts.  Granted, if I get either of them they're going to my best friend because I don't really want them.  After that I continued to get annoyed at Mr. Awesome because the day before he had decided to text me again saying if I ever wanted to hang out again let him know... but then it came to light that he had looked up the cost of tattoo removal so I went off on that.  So I vented & cried to best friend some more, watched Shameless, & went to bed.

BLOG: It was National Margarita Day so I shared 10 awesome recipes.

Thursday I spent a large portion of my day catching up on blogs, because I should have been working on a paper.  So if I blew up any of your inboxes I'm sorry.  I also ran into one of my old students.  Apparently one of my freshmen from last year now goes to the school I teach at this year.  Small world.  I couldn't remember the poor kids name though.  Ooops!  I remember the kid, & their screaming high pitch when there was a cockroach in the classroom, but I couldn't remember their name.  After work it was of course off to my ethics class followed by some after class food & drinks with Emily & Katherine.

BLOG: Tomorrow is my 7 year blogaversary so I recapped my past 7 years of blogging.

Help A Girl Out
So basically since the beginning of February I've been eating like crap.  Between not wanting to cook/make food the week before I moved so I wouldn't have any left overs, moving, & then being busy/gone during the weekends, I haven't really cooked (as in I haven't at all) since January.  So I either eat out, which is rarely healthy, or just have easy to eat crap at home.  I have Pinterest boards full of healthy things to make but I'd like to know what you love.  I am out of town this weekend, & next, so the easier the better since I won't have all weekend to shop/cook.

Things That Made Me Laugh

Moments I'm Grateful For
17. A day off work to spend time with a friend from out of town
18. Mardi Gras Texas Style (Texas country music festival)
19. An awesome 12 hour date with a guy
20. Having a best friend who lets me cry when awesome guy turns out to be not awesome
21. Watching Finding Dory all day in class because I found out my classes are ahead of the rest of the district
22. Starting the next mini tour at Old Chicago
23. Running into a student I had in class last year, at my new school


  1. Congrats on your blogaversary! That's a big accomplishment!

  2. Congrats on 7 years! That is awesome! And have fun in San Antonio. My husbands family lives there so we visit often and it's always so fun!

  3. 7 years of blogging - oh my gosh way to go girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. 7 years is awesome, congrats!! Have a great time in SA, I miss the riverwalk so much!!

  5. We did Dallas to Houston and back in one day last week, and I have to agree that's the worst drive! Hope you have a blast in San Antonio! I just love that city.

  6. Sorry that it didn't work out with the "awesome" guy. :(