Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Music Is Life

Friday morning I picked up my friend Abby from the airport & we were off to find some tacos!  I got on Yelp & found a place called El Tizoncito.  So good!  One of the people next to me was drinking some frozen drink that looked really good so I ordered one as well.  I was not disappointed.  When we got to my apartment we went to the office to pick up the couch that was supposed to be delivered to my door.  There was no way we were getting that sucker out of there so the office lady said that once the maintenance guy returned he'd help us.  While we waited for him we sat on my patio drinking beer.  Once the couch arrived we started the adventure of putting it together.  We both wound up with battle wounds but we got it together!  On my way to the airport I had noticed that I lived right by an Applebee's & they had $1 draft beer all day everyday.  We went there to eat some food & drink a couple of beers before heading to the Stockyards.  We hung out down there for awhile at various bars before finally going to the Whiskey Girl Saloon for a concert.  We saw Micah Cheatam, Shotgun Rider, & Rich O'Toole.

The next morning we headed out for brunch.  I wanted a place with a good bloody mary so it was back to Yelp.  I found this place called Chef Point.  Apparently this place was on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives.  Neither of us knew this.  In fact my friend Abby made a comment about how it looked like a place that might be on there...only to later find out it had in fact been on there.  The massive bloody mary did not disappoint me.  We stopped back at my apartment for a nap & then headed off to Dallas.  We checked into our hotel, Hotel Indigo, which was awesome!  I got back on Yelp to find us a place to eat & drink a little bit before heading to Mardi Gras Texas Style.  I found a place called the Crafty Irishman like a block from our hotel.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  We wound up going there 3 separate times.  From the Crafty Irishman we took an Uber to Fair Park.  I got to check quite a few artists off my Texas Country Bucket List.  We saw Dalton Domino, Mike Ryan, Brandon Jenkins, Shane Smith & The Saints, Kyle Park, Cody Johnson, & Casey Donahew Band.  Cody Johnson was the only one I had seen before.  I love live music regardless but the weather was perfect for an outdoor music festival.  When we left there it was back to the Crafty Irishman for a midnight snack & a drink.

Sunday morning we took our time waking up & getting ready before heading to the Crafty Irishman one more time for a morning drink & some french fries.  From there I found us some tacos, because tacos, at a place called La Ventana.  Once we were done with our tacos it was time to take Abby to the airport.  After I dropped her off I headed to Pecan Lodge to meet up with Mr. Awesome for what was one of the most fun, best days I've had in a long time.  We started at Pecan Lodge for lunch.  That place is in my top 3 for BBQ.  After there we went to a place called Mantiques because he had seen it on Day Tripper & wanted to check it out.  It was my turn to pick after that so we walked across the pedestrian bridge.  We were both finally able to check that off our to do lists.  When we got across we went to Four Corners brewery for a beer & some corn hole.  He won.  Back across the bridge it was.  We stopped at a little gas station to get some elote, & because there were cows right there I needed to see the cows as well.  I suggested the Truckyard but we wound up sitting on the HG Supply Co roof top for like 5 min before heading to Deep Ellum to hang out at a roof top bar there for a drink.  Then it was time for the main event.   A few weeks ago a song by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus had come up on YouTube & I got to googling them because I used to love them.  I was mostly wondering if they were even still a band.  Not only did I see that they were, they were to be playing in Dallas.  It was SUCH a weird show.  It was all acoustic.  We missed the opening act but were there in time for Red Jumpsuit.  The band is two guys but only one was there.  I still loved that part of the show.  Next up was Hawthorne Heights.  I had seen them in high school & back then it was exactly how you'd imagine an emo/alternative rock show was.  Not this time.  Imagine a bunch of suburban dads acoustically singing songs that used to be screamed.  It made me feel SO old.  Last but not least was Secondhand Serenade.  I know like 2 of his songs...and after a couple hours of acoustic music I was over it.  I had wanted to ask Mr. Awesome so many times if he wanted to just leave but I was like "this was your idea...don't be lame!"  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore & was like I don't mean to sound lame but do you want to go get pizza.  Apparently he had been hoping I'd ask that for like 3 songs.  So we got some pizza at his favorite pizza place & then he dropped me off at my car & we each went home.

Monday was awful.  First of all, I was running on like 5 hours of sleep max after a super fun, long, adventurous weekend.  Second of all, staff development is always long, boring, & pointless.  And finally, Mr. Awesome turned out to be a little less awesome & he will no longer be mentioned on this blog.  In case you don't know, Mr. Awesome just got that name 2 seconds ago.  He was Mr. Still Needs A Name For The Blog who I had an awesome 6 hour first date with & did the whole tacos on Valentine's Day with.  Anyway, he decided, through text, to let me know that as hard as it was for him to say so, despite the fact that I'm really really awesome, we have so much in common, & have a really great time together, he just can't get over the fact that I have tattoos.  Alrighty then dude.  I know tattoos are a deal breaker for some so I explicitly put it in my profile that I have 7.  He also saw a few of them, & we talked about them, on our first date.  I'm pretty sure that when he found out that I'm getting another one that was the breaking point for him.  His parents are ultra conservative, like they don't drink so he won't drink around them.  So even though all of my tattoos can be covered, & aren't obscene in any way, pretty sure he just didn't want to have to bring home a girl with tattoos someday.  Whatever.  He's an idiot.  Next.  So that night I sat on the couch, ate pizza, watched Shameless, cried to my best friend on the phone for awhile, & went to bed.


  1. OMG GIMME ALL THE TACOS. In fact, just send over one of everything you ate, okay? K, thanks. Also, Mr. Awesome sounds like a noob. I mean, if he KNEW you had tattoos, then why even bother dating you if it was going to be a deal breaker for him? Hang in there, friend. Better guys around, I'm sure of it! xo

  2. You and Abby are adorable and of course tacos first! And I want to talk to this guy, what is wrong with him? Tattoos are a work of art, you are beautiful inside and out and he has no idea.

    1. Thank you! He is definitely an idiot to throw away that kind of connection over something so stupid.

  3. WTF? I can't wrap my head around tattoos being a deal breaker. I respect people's opinions and views, but to let tattoos interfere with someone's personality, intelligence, and wit. What? I don't get it. Goodbye Mr. Awesome.
    Yes, music is life.

  4. You knew this was coming, I am so proud of all your Yelp use! Check in and review and become elite!!!

    Dude, the tattoos thing. While I approve that he was upfront, what a stupid fucking reason.

  5. YOURE KIDDING ME ABOUT THE TATTOOS. Wow, that's so freaking stupid and so judgmental. Girl, you don't want to be with someone like that anyway! You know?!