Friday, February 17, 2017

Short Work Week For The Win

I am off of work today!  It's sort of a 4 day weekend for me actually.  While I have to go to work on Monday, I don't have to teach.  Instead it's staff development all day.  Today I took off though because my friend Abby is coming into town & since her flight comes in in the morning, I took the whole day so we could start our shenanigans early!  Linking up with Amanda!

What I Was Up To
**Confession:  If I don't type this part up as the week goes along I have to look back at my planner/Instagram account to see what in the world I did each day...**

Monday I left work early, & by early I just mean that instead of sticking around in my classroom for the last hour & a half with nothing to do I went home during my conference period to get stuff done.  I also started to have a panic attack about my grad school course load on top of teaching full time.  I ultimately decided to drop one of my courses & take it again in the future.

BLOG: I linked up with Biana & talked about my weekend full of moving

Tuesday I left work early again so that I could meet up with "boy who needs a nickname for the blog still" at Chuy's for some Valentine's Day meets Taco Tuesday.  Once I got home I did a little bit of unpacking but nothing major.

BLOG: I didn't.  I was going to write about Valentine's Day and decided I just don't care about VDay enough to write about it.

Wednesday After work I headed up to CR's storage unit so that I could get most of the stuff that I had in there.  I still left my TV in there for now as well as a box full of stuff.  Once I got home I started unpacking hardcore.  I only got one room finished BUT it's the kitchen.  I'm not 100% sure but I also think that the girl that lives next to me just moved in too.  I saw her carrying some stuff up right ahead of me & her apartment was also pretty empty.  A neighbor friend would be pretty sweet.

BLOG: I posted another one volume of everyone's favorite series Sh*t My Students Say

Thursday I had what I'm sure will turn into an awful walk through during my first period class.  I am not a strict teacher.  In case you haven't gotten that from any of my SMSS posts... However, my students get their stuff done & that is why I am lenient with them.  Our classes are an hour & a half.  I do not expect 15 year olds to quietly sit still & be on topic for a straight 90 min.  In fact, almost no teacher does.  Even certain 12th grade teachers take a 10-15 minute break at some point during class where kids can just chill or play on their phones whatever.  I don't do that.  I trust my students enough to take their own breaks & get their work done as they see fit.  Why?  Because they do.  So long story short my appraiser comes in, some students are working on their projects while others are taking little breaks & I know this will be seen as an issue because not all of my students were "engaged."  And here is my rant about education.  I feel like it is almost a witch hunt & I need to defend myself.  I have less than 5 students failing out of my 140 some kids.  My students are learning, they are getting their stuff done, & I am making sure they all survive & their questions are answered but I know I will be docked for not putting on a dog & pony show.  Knowing this put me in a piss poor mood for pretty much the rest of the day.  I love my ethics class on Thursdays so that helped my mood, and of course the after class beer & a Minnesota Wild win over the Dallas Stars helped too.

BLOG: I reviewed products I received in my Influenster Voxbox as well as the stuff I got in my 3rd attempt with Stitch Fix.

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Things That Made Me Laugh

Moments I'm Grateful For
10. A night out with a friend
11. Moving into my own place
12. Getting my deposit back from my old place in full
13. New flats for $3
14. A tacos & margarita date
15. I got my entire kitchen finally unpacked.
16. Thursday being my Friday


  1. I'm jealous of Thursday Fridays and tacos.
    Also, those patched up jeans. At what point do you buy new jeans? I just.. some people.
    Even as a student, I hated when observers would come into our class. First off, the teacher acts weird. Then the students act weird and it really is just a show and everyone knows it. When I was in middle school we had a student teacher for my AG class and both teachers were point blank that when her observer was in class, we needed to behave and not be jerks.

  2. Chuy's! The perfect taco-tuesday-v-day meal!

  3. LOL at that steel package. I know how that feels. I LOVE Chuy's (and I'm glad you're still hanging out with that guy!) I know what you mean about students paying attention during block scheduling. I was a pretty good students, but I had a rough time with 90 minutes of classes like geometry.

  4. Is appraiser a new trend in education? I've heard this word multiple times this week when visiting my schools. I've got lots of rants on education... so I'm just going to quit while I'm ahead. Hang in there and keep taking care of your kiddos. ;)

  5. Throwing caution to the wind cracked me up. And ugh education. I was one of those hyper-well-behaved students, and I still struggle with taking my own breaks and giving myself space because I feel like I need to be working all the time. Bleh. It's awesome that your kids are able to police themselves and tend to their own needs... probably better for them in the long run!

    1. I've had kids that can't police themselves in the past & then yes, my class is run different. But like right now, I have on a real movie because my kids are ahead of where they need to be for the district, & yet they are still working on their projects so that they can get them done.

  6. Gee, what do they want, a circus? You're doing great if 96% of your kids are passing.

    1. Pretty much. Education is something else these days...