Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 19

Student walking around looking at other people’s projects
Student 1: Is that Croatia?  Oh that one is Ireland.  You got Albania.
Me: What did you just go & memorize all the maps in the book?
S1: Miss I know all the countries don’t you even worry about it
Me: Ok well good I’m glad
S1: You gotta when you got girls in different area codes
S2: You got NO girls!

Student: Miss if you die before me can you do me a favor?
Me: What's up?
S: Assuming you go to heaven can you ask God why he didn't give us super powers & then have him come tell me in a dream
M: I'll see what I can do
S: I'm serious...and tell your friends
**So there you have it...if y'all die before my student could you please take this issue up with God? K thanks**

Student 1: MIIIISSSSS how did the Patriots win?? I blame Lady Gaga!!
Student 2: Did you see here jump during the half time show...that was the Falcons jumping to conclusions

*I told my A day kids that they'd have a sub soon*
Student: Miss why you gotta do that?  Skip B day not A day...we're better than them...don't do this to us again.

*While watching a Planet Earth video*
Narrator: Female asses are mysterious creatures
Student:  Mmm hmm I know that's right

*While watching the same Planet Earth video in a different class*
Girl Student: Aww I want a monkey
Boy Student: You got one right here
GS: Where?
BS: Me! I got big ears!

Male Student: Miss you look really pretty today
Me: Thank you
MS: I mean not near as cute as me but no one ever looks as cute as me


  1. Falcons jumping to conclusions, hilarious! Isn't it funny that you always think the little kids who say funny things but middle high schoolers say it just as much just in a more mature way, ha ha. Have a wonderful day sweetheart

    1. They are hilarious sometimes. They make it really difficult to stay mad at them & be the adult with some of the things they say. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. This semester you have some real gems.

  3. "...that was the Falcons jumping to conclusions" so true!! And the females asses lol!

  4. LOL not near as cute as me, and I love "female asses are mysterious creatures."

  5. Oh my gosh, sounds like you have a very entertaining job!! :)

  6. LOL... my favorite is the guy with girls in different area codes... and the kid who thinks he looks like a monkey. Win.