Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Passionate Woman Is Worth The Chaos

It's been awhile since I've shared an article on here but I read this one last week & I absolutely loved it.  It was called "13 Things Passionate Women Do Differently & Why They Stand Out From The Crowd"  A couple of different friends shared it on Facebook & I really related to it.

"It’s fair to say that all women carry a level of passion in life. We are all passionate about something. It could be our relationships, a hobby, a sport, or a career mentality that drives us to that place of obsession. When a woman is overall passionate in life however, she carries herself differently. The way she converses, loves and lives is just done with more ferocity. If you know her, or you are her, you’ll know she can be overwhelming at times. She’s not just strong, she’s also delicate. These are the ways that passionate women walk the game of life differently.
1. She does things with intensity. Whether it’s the simple act of cooking, or the way she orders her morning latte, you know she’s there. She asserts herself and is concise about everything she wants without being demanding. There’s a soft hardness about her that’s hard to avoid.
2. She smiles a lot. When she’s excited or happy about something, she really shows it. Her smile is huge and her laugh is loud, which in turn makes everyone around her mirror that same intensity of joy.
3. She’s grateful. When a passionate woman receives anything in life, from a gift to personal successes, she pays thoughtful gratitude back. She doesn’t take things for granted and makes sure she pays close appreciation to the things that make her happy.
4. She fights fiercely. If there’s a battle to be won or a challenge she’s facing, she fights it with everything she has. She’s competitive, but not in a selfish way. She won’t back down from challenges and she won’t stop fighting until she reaches the point of harmony.
5. She’s a great in bed. When she beds a partner, it’s electric. Everything she does from the way she gazes, kisses, touches and moves is done with such intention and sincerity. Men will always remember sex with a passionate woman.
6. She’s exceptionally driven. Nothing can stop her from reaching her goals. When she sets out for something she wants whether it’s a promotion, or tickets to a sold out concert, she finds a way to make it happen by any means necessary.
7. She loves harder. The way in which she falls in love is almost poetic. She’s the heart on the sleeve type, and she puts her soul into the relationships she cares about most- whether it’s friends, family or love interests, she will make you feel truly and completely cared for.
8. Her silence is loud. When a passionate woman is silent, it can be felt. You don’t know if she’s angry, sad, or just taking moments of calmness, but the quietness leaves you on edge and in a state of wondering what she’s about to do next.
9. She takes risks. She’s fully aware of the implications in any and every endeavor she sets out to do, and she doesn’t give a fuck about them. She would rather try and fail, and try again in new ways than settle for less than what she wants.
10. She craves adventure. Whether she wants to go sky-diving or take a spontaneous and last minute road trip, she’s always looking for new adventures in life and a way to seek thrills. She’s in a constant state of needing to feel alive.
11. She’s constantly changing. Not clothing; but herself. She’s in a constant state of self-improvement and development because she knows that without changing, she’s never going to propel herself to the dreams she has for herself.
12. Her emotions affect you. Every emotion she emits cut you like a razor blade. If she’s in love, angry, deeply saddened or completely elated, you can feel it piercing and tugging at your own heart strings.
13. She’s not afraid to voice her emotions. A passionate woman does not hesitate to tell you exactly how she feels which is one of the best intensities about her. She will tell it exactly how she sees it and she keeps it real 100%. She might be stubborn and difficult but her end game is always won, and that’s what makes being a part of her life amazing."


  1. hmmmm very interesting. i don't know if i am a passionate woman.. i think i am passionate about some things that matter to me, and that's what matters. some of these apply to me and some definitely don't!

  2. This is totally me. Thanks for the reminder... I needed it!

  3. totally agree with you , your work is appreciable thank you for sharing.
    women empowerment

  4. great work.... nice article
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