Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little About Me

~21 years old (Birthday Oct. 23)
~The oldest child out of 2 (I have a 17 year old brother)
~Dating the most amazing man ever (We have been together since Jan. 18, 2006)
~A military girlfriend (Branden joined the MN National Guard Aug. 1, 2007)
~A junior in college (I am pursuing a degree in secondary education & should be graduating Dec 2011)
~Obsessed with country music (The only two things I will not listen to though are techno & being screamed at)
~Way too organized and into planning for my own good. (I will plan things out as far out in advance as possible & create far too many lists)
~Excited to get engaged/married/start a family (But who knows when that'll actually happen)
~In love with traveling (I want to see as much of the world as possible)
~Blessed with amazing family & friends (They mean the world to me & I wouldn't trade any of them for anything)
~Really into photography (If I knew I could make a decent living I would pursue that instead)
~Into blogging but don't always feel my life is exciting enough (Hence the new blog, we'll see how well it goes)
~Living with 3 other girls (While I love them all sometime I miss living with guys)
~Obsessed with surveys (If you want to know anymore about me feel free to ask... I'm pretty open)

1 comment:

  1. Yay for blogging! Your life doesn't have to be "exciting", blogging is just about sharing your experiences. If it helps, I always try to think of a 'theme' for each entry and a question to leave whoever might be reading to think about.