Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Adventures In Online Dating: It's Not Okay

Back in November of 2013 I started a series called "Adventures in Online Dating"

I talked about Mr. Backwards Hurley Hat

I talked about Mr. All Wrong (if you want to read about the worst/most hilarious date it is)

I talked about Mr. Too Far Away

I talked about the ridiculous things guys say

I then took a 6 month break before I talked about things that will get you a hard pass

And now here we are over a year after that last post & I'm online dating again.  Since that last post I found out about Mr. Fireman having more than one girlfriend, met CJ & broke up with CJ, met Oklahoma & let Oklahoma go.

I wasn't going to start online dating again until possibly November & then was going to do it the paid way.  I decided to hell with it & that I was going to do it the free way (Tinder, OkCupid, & Plenty Of Fish) until November & then I'd either do pay sites, quit online dating, or be with someone.

I have been back at it for a week now & here are some of the things that have made me once again question why I even bother.

Tinder Boy Blake starts talking to me, asks for my number, asks if I'm free at all during the weekend, doesn't really talk to me any more after that but continues to put "moments" on Tinder saying he wants someone to hang out with, or go fishing with, or talk with... well buddy maybe follow through on a date & you wouldn't have that problem #ByeFelicia

ChiTownFire starts talking to me & is all normal until all of a sudden he whips out "do you like dominant men?"... You don't even know my real name yet bucko #NotTodayMr

PecanFlyBoy (well man technically cause he was in his 50s...yes so is my father *pukes a little*) "You are so very cute & sexy.  Naughty or nice?"
Now I almost just didn't respond but then saw that he had kids & had to ask: "Do you happen to have a daughter?"  I was so hoping he would say yes so I could lay into him a little but he said no.  #Block

ThomasJeffery starts his conversation with "I have to inform you that there are no decent men left on here because I've killed them all with my bare hands. Basically this means I'm your only option.
You may as well give me your number, and we'll discuss marriage plans over a few beverages!" which actually led me to his profile where I learned he's actually a douchey bro & not just humorous.



  1. Ugh - those boys sound like the pits!!
    Have you tried a paid site yet?

  2. Yessss I've been waiting on this!
    I feel kinda bad that I've already stopped looking. I was excited for more horror stories and I only got a few. Siiigh.

  3. Ugh online dating is so hard, guys just aren't normal. There seems to be a lot of the dominant thing, 50 shades just ruined people.

  4. "Do you like dominant men?" EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!! lol