Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Adventures in Online Dating: Mr. Too Far Away

I started talking to Mr. Too Far Away without actually realizing how far away he lived until one day he asked if I'd like to get together.  I distinctly remember telling him that we didn't really live anywhere near each other, an hour & a half minimum actually.  A few more days passed & yet he still wanted to set something up, so we did.  I had my doubts because he lived so far away.  I've done the distance thing, on more than one occasion, & it sucks.  It's definitely not how I'd want to start a relationship.  On a Friday night he told me that he'd be picking me up the following day.  He told me that he wasn't going to tell me which one he was picking but wanted my input on the 4 following dates: horseback riding, a corn maze, Main Event (like a big kid Chuck E Cheese), or a drive in.  Based on a little more information that he gave me, the time he'd be picking me up & that I should dress for outside, I narrowed it down to corn maze or horseback riding.  Both of these options had me equally excited.  He called the next day, date day (11/9), to see if I still wanted to do something & to let me know that he would be leaving soon.  He asked me to send him my address so that he could put it in his GPS & be on his way.  I sent it to him & then got in the shower so I could get ready.  I get out of the shower & come back to a text message that said the following: "Bri I'm so sorry but Tomball seems just a little out of my driving rage it's nothing to do with you I put the address in and it's 1 hr and 40 minutes one way"
Was I hurt? Yeah.  I even cried for a couple minutes...probably slightly overkill but it was approaching that time of the month & it was the first date I was actually excited for post- Mr. Fireman.
Was I mad? No.  How could I be?  He was just logically stating what I had already shared with my friends as a fear of mine.  There is no way that we would be seeing each other during the week & even weekends would be iffy because a)he works 60 hour work weeks & b)I'm not about to give up all of my weekends for a guys...
Sure, he probably should've listened to me back when I told him how far apart we lived...he even said that later...but ya live & learn.  I wound up spending my night watching stand up comedy on Netflix while snapchatting 2 friends back home.

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