Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventures In Online Dating: Next!

I was talking to Kickass Cousin the other day about guys that don't stand a chance & the annoying things they do.  This would pertain to the real world too if I ever actually met guys not online but as of now I'm doing the online dating thing...sort of.  I haven't actually been on a date since Airplane Boy.  Anyway, things that guarantee an automatic "NEXT!"

1. Gym Selfies

2. Flat billed caps...especially if the sticker is still on.

3. Grown men who use "r" & "u" instead of "are" & "you"

4. Grown men who use "wyd" or "wrud" instead of asking me what I'm doing with real words.

4. Only having group photos

5. Saying "Hey (beautiful, gorgeous, babe, baby, hun, darlin, etc)" when we've never even met.

6. Guys who can't get more creative than saying "hi" in the first message.

7. Any type of hand gestures in their pictures.  Including, but not limited to: peace signs, rock on, the middle finger.

8. Pictures that they aren't in...this includes what their vehicle looks like, their pet(s) look like, things they have killed.

9. When their bio says either "just ask" or "I'm laid back & like to have fun"

10. Pictures with other girls that CLEARLY aren't their sister but they try to pass off as their sister.


  1. oh my gosh yes to all of these. that first picture HOW DID HE TAKE THAT SELFIE?!!? lol

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL my husband texts me saying "what r u doin". HAHA! He's just lazy with texting I suppose.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! when my friend was on dating sites, we would have a grand ol time laughing our asses off at the people who messaged her. some of those profiles are ridiculous!!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. y u no love me?

  5. Omg, gym selfies annoy the crap out of me too! And why, why do some grown men refuse to write properly?! Totally agree with you!

  6. hahaha gym selfies are the worst. Dude work out and leave the pics to chicks!

  7. Oh god... I haaate hand gestures!!!!! Recently saw someone with what looked like the shocker...?? hahaha

  8. My favorite is the lsat one.. dude that's not your sister...