Monday, June 23, 2014

First Weekend In My New Place

I wish that beautiful truck was mine forever...well except I wish it had suicide doors on the back rather than 4 full doors.  Why do I have that truck you ask? (oh you didn't ask...too bad.)  I left work Friday at 11:30 & was headed to the Ford dealership so I could have a few things checked out & taken care of before I head up to Minnesota for a month & a half.  Because I was going to have to leave my car at the dealership I was going to need a rental so I got myself a sweet truck because a)I was in the middle of moving & needed to haul stuff b)I'm so much happier driving a truck.

Wouldn't that suck if the story stopped there.  That's where it should've stopped because regardless I would've ended up with a truck.  However, my Friday was a tad more eventful than that.  I was on my way to the dealership when there was a car stalled in the right lane of the feeder.  While waiting to get into the left lane I kept thinking "this is going to cause an accident...what if I got into an accident as I was on my way to the dealership to get my car fixed?"  Yeah well get into an accident I did.  As I was going left there was a cargo-ish van in my blind spot & I totally side swiped it.  No one was hurt luckily & the guy was super nice.  The damage also could've been a lot worse that it was.  My car still isn't pretty though & now I wait for an estimate on cost & time before deciding whether to get it fixed down here or wait until I get back up to MN (because it is drivable it just isn't pretty).

On the upside though I got to go to happy hour with some friends, I got a lawn mower and weed whacker for free, & I get that sweet ride for a few days.  It was also my final night in my apartment.

Saturday was a lot less eventuful thank goodness.  First Texas Friend helped me move my large furniture to my new place in the morning/early afternoon.  I got some cleaning done at my apartment & just sort of bummed around there until I was supposed to meet Mr. Fireman (I realize I never updated on what happened after the whole letter post...that'll come someday...Thursday maybe?) at my new place.  We went out for pizza & then I had him try to help me with a few things at my new place.  After we settled some house business we played Phase 10 where I not only won but royally kicked his ass (75-190).  I can definitely count on one hand the number of times I've ever beat him at Phase 10...I'm actually thinking it's only twice (maaaybe 3 times).  After he headed home around 10 I called Kickass Cousin for what was supposed to be real quick & ended up lasting until 1:30 in the morning.  That is why she's my best friend, I hate talking on the phone & could not talk to anyone else on the phone that long.

I officially said goodbye to my apartment.  (Well except that I am still paying for it until July 31 but I won't be in Texas at all during July.)  I finally got the whole thing cleaned & everything to my new place.  I picked up one of my friends from the airport who I hadn't seen in FOREVER.  He works in the same district as I do & actually went to the same college as I did but we didn't meet until about halfway through our student teaching.  We went out for wings & the last half of the USA/Portugal game.  He asked me with less than a minute left if I thought we were going to win (the score was 2-1) & I almost didn't say anything because I'm superstitious like that but said yes anyway...I clearly should've just kept my mouth shut because we ended up tying 2-2.  Don't get me wrong I love me some soccer & hockey but it pisses me off that they can tie.  SOMEONE HAS TO WIN!!


  1. Moving is so exciting. Congrats on the hard part being done! Packing is the worst.

  2. Oh moving.. what a love-hate relationship! But glad you are almost done! Showered With Design

  3. Car issues are the WORST! Glad you're okay!

  4. Oh no! What a way to kick off your weekend, though that is a pretty sweet ride! I agree on the tie game issue, it just doesn't work!

  5. Glad you're okay!!! I've always wanted to play Phase 10 but it looks so confusing, I should try to figure it out!

  6. Glad you're okay! I hate car accidents. That's a nice truck and suicide doors would be so cool :)

    Thanks for linkin' up!

  7. I just got done packing up everything myself. Isn't it a great feeling once you're finally done!? :) Sorry to hear that you got in an accident, but at least no one was seriously injured.

  8. oh how terrifying! glad you are ok, and yay for moving!