Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Adventures In Online Dating: An Intro

A little background on me for those of you that don't know: I've only ever had 2 boyfriends in my life, 3 if you count the 4 months I dated a kid in 6th grade. 
High School Boyfriend & I met when I was 16 through church softball, started dating when I was 17, & officially broke up 5 days before my 22nd birthday.  It was then that I started my "downward spiral" of random hook-ups (really people it wasn't THAT many).  I stayed single for 2 years before going on a single date. 
Insert hook-up with High School Boyfriend's friend.
Insert hook-up with College Love (seriously I was in love with this guy for most of college despite having an on again/off again boyfriend most of the time)
The first real date I went on was with a guy whom we shall call Big Texas because well, that's where we met, a bar called Big Texas.  I was out with some friends when my friend told me I needed to ask this guy to I did.  We danced the ENTIRE night.  He kissed me & asked me out on a date.  We talked on the phone a couple times for a good hour each time before our date.  However, come date time it was...just not there.  It was a Thursday & we didn't go to dinner until 8 so I had already eaten...we talked & it wasn't terrible...but there was no "click."  Something that I at that point didn't know you could actually tell on a first date...he was the one that told me.
Insert hook up with Student Teacher (before y'all freak out...a student teacher...not a student...a guy from MN who was exactly a year younger than me & was doing his "internship" in my district)
Insert hook up with Chicago Bears Fan.

Insert hook up with Spring Break Friend.
Insert hook up with Stage Five Clinger.
I then for some odd reason decided to try online dating again...although I don't know why I decided to at that point because I had just applied all over the country & was leaving Texas for the summer in less than a month.  Enter Mr. Fireman (who you can read about all over this blog...)  He did not meet all of the far too high set criteria I had in my mind & I almost didn't even respond to him.  But I did & a week later we met up when I was out with a friend...and then we went out on a real date...and then another...and another...& then I left for a month before coming back for a week...& then I left for another month before coming back for the school year...and then a month later we broke up.
About a month later (October) I put myself back in the ring...if only to try to get over him if nothing else...and that's where we are now...I'm going to share my adventures in online dating with y'all.  I've already been on dates with 2 different guys at this point (11/8) & have a date with another tomorrow so I have some back stories to catch you up on. 
Welcome to my new series.

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