Friday, March 24, 2017

The Countdown Is On

As of today there are only 47 school days left in the year.  Doable.  Totally doable.  I'm meeting up with a guy tonight for drinks.  We haven't talked a TON but enough.  We started talking right as my parents were coming into town & then I was busy with them so I stopped going online to check messages or send any so after like 3 or 4 days of not talking he sent me a message saying "So... can I buy you a beer?  Who knows we might hit it off or hate one another."  Good logic.  So I agreed  

So I basically disappeared again from blogland this week both in posting & reading/commenting.  Seriously I know I've complained about this 100 times but I hate that bloglovin is blocked on my work's wifi.  There are far worse things I could be looking at on my conference period that I still have access too.  I'd like to promise that next week will be better but really until grad school is over in like a month & school is out for the summer there will be 0 consistency here.  Please bear with me.  (side note: I assumed it was "bear" not "bare" but thought I should double check.  This is what I got... Bear with me,” the standard expression, is a request for forbearance or patience. “Bare with me” would be an invitation to undress. And then I busted out laughing because I started imagining proper people saying bare with me when about to do the deed.)  Moving on...

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What I Was Up To
Monday was the worst.  I seriously had such an awful day.  Going back after a long break is already hard but then my kids were just on my last nerve all day.  I could not get out of there soon enough.  I had won some free wings from Old Chicago for March Madness so I went up there after work for a beer & some wings.

BLOG: I recapped my entire spring break.

Tuesday I saw Flogging Molly in concert with a friend, the best friend, & the best friend's girlfriend.  I'm going to leave it at the bad was really good & I enjoyed the show.  The rest of it was not really good.  In hindsight I should have just stayed home like I debated that morning & even that afternoon.

BLOG: I had a post drafted about the songs I feel explain me as a person but I haven't finished it...

Wednesday I had the day off because of the concert the night before.  I was so grateful I had taken it off.  I slept in, headed back home, & then got some work done for grad school.  Still not nearly enough though.  I decided that I need a break from school.  I'm only going to register for one online class for the summer instead of one online & one face to face.  I'm also only going to register for two online classes for the fall instead of two face to face classes.  I am feeling so burnt out on school & I also don't feel like anything we do is actually relevant to what I want to do... I had been told before I even actually applied to grad school by someone in the field that it was unnecessary since I already had some type of degree & real world experience but I went & applied anyway.  I've made a great friend from it but I'm going to take the next semester or 2 to decide if I actually want to continue on.  

Remember that guy I cancelled on a couple of weeks ago because I was into someone else?  And then it didn't work out with that someone else?  Well the guy I cancelled on text me asking how it was going with that other guy because "it would be terrible if it turned out he wasn't that great & I had to take you out to dinner to cheer you up" I was in such a mood from the night before that when I read that I just started crying.  We have a date next week.

That night I met up with above friend from Tuesday for supper.  He's basically my saving grace when it comes to anything with the best friend.

Thursday was probably the best day of the week which really isn't saying much.  This post is way more debbie downer than I wanted it to be.  It's just been a shit show of a week & I'm in all sorts of funks with work, school, where I live vs where I want to live, my love life, & the best friend.  Anyway, Thursday wasn't bad.  I skipped class because I wanted to actually be able to get work done for it & I just wasn't feeling well.  

However, the silver lining to the day.... on a whim I agreed to go to Colorado for a few days this summer with some friends.  I haven't been to Colorado in SIX years!  Back when I first went I told myself I was going to go every other year if I could.  I also haven't really been on a vacation since 2015 when I went on a road trip with my cousin to from Houston to New Orleans, Panama City, Chattanooga, Chicago, & then Minnesota home.

BLOG: I gave an overview of where I'm at on my 3rd 101 in 1001 now that I only have a year left.

Things That Made Me Laugh

But for real though... I get more annoyed than necessary at this...They are two very different places

My brother sent me this while my parents were visiting me in Texas & he was house sitting for them

Moments I'm Grateful For
20 - A phone call from the best friend
21 - A friend being there for me when the best friend & I are at odds
22 - A random day off of work
23 - Booking a trip to Denver this summer!


  1. I can't even believe that there are only 47 days left in the school year - just seems nuts to me! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That starter kit is HILARIOUS! I totally made those for my son's christening. I'm glad you said yes to Colorado. Life's too short not to enjoy it! Have a great weekend.

    1. Lol I'm not even in a relationship but there may be stuff similar to what's in that started kit on my Pinterest.

  3. Yay for 47 more days, totally doable lol! And I totally said "aw" out loud when you were talking about dude man you weren't really into reaching out to you, so cute. I hope next week will be better than this week was, enjoy your weekend!

    1. I just changed the number on my board to 46 lol. Made me so happy. Thank you. I have a feeling that next week is going to fly. Have a great weekend!

  4. honestly I had an off week too.. maybe it's because we are getting ready for spring? LOL idk but I feel you girl. I hope you have a great weekend though!

  5. I think I understand the Dallas/Fort Worth thing. Here in SC, people will talk about being "in Charleston", when a place is actually a 30-minute drive from Charleston. I hope you and your best friend get everything worked out.

    1. I'm pretty sure that Summerville is definitely "Charleston" ;)
      We do this for anyone that doesn't live in the area, but for local area people we say the name of the area. It's crazy to me how many people who live here don't even know of the places outside of Charleston.... it's not all about downtown!

  6. I'm sorry you had such a crappy week. Grad school is a pain in the ass. I was in a similar position of not necessarily needing a Master's but doing it anyway... and hating it. I'm really glad that I finished (because I totally cracked while doing my thesis, so I was closer to the end than the beginning at that point), but it was so. hard. Aside from the awesome friends that I made, like you mentioned! Hope this week is better for you! xo

    1. Thanks! I think I'm going to see how this break from face to face classes goes, & once I know for sure I have a full time teaching job for next year how all of that goes before I decide to continue on or quit either way.

  7. LOL to the vigil and the bridal starter pack. I've come up with 3 things not allowed at our wedding: Disney (gasp! I know), burlap, and mason jars. I just cannot.