Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Being back at work is rough.  Spring break should have lasted forever.  51 school days left until summer... not that I'm counting... Linking up with Biana!

What I Did
Monday 13th I spent the entire day being a girl wondering if really cute country guy even wanted to go on our second date or not.  That evening we met up at Crooked Crust for some pizza.  We had a jalapeno popper pizza & it was so good!  We had fun talking & get along great.  I even kissed him at the end.  As in I kissed him first.  Which is a first for me.  I have never kissed a boy first.  However, despite the fact that he thinks I'm pretty, funny, easy to talk to, & a lot of fun...apparently there is a spark missing for him.  It sucks because we have a lot in common, want the same thing, & everything previously mentioned.  However, in the end it was only 2 dates.  And maybe there really was a spark missing for him but I also think that a bigger part of the reason is that he is potentially leaving relatively soon for 7.5 months for training & then could be sent anywhere in the state but would most likely be sent to the opposite side of the state.  I say that because of what he said & also the fact that he deleted his profile pretty much right after we started talking & it's still gone.  And if this training thing happens it'll be in like a month.  

Tuesday 14th I met up with a current coworker for lunch at On The Border & ice cream at Braum's.  Afterwards I drove out to my friend Emily's.  We drank some wine & then went out for some food & beer at Antebellum's.  It was nice to get out of the house for the entire day & hang out with some girl friends.
Wednesday 15th Nothing.  I left my house long enough to get some elote from Fuel City Tacos & tacos from Tacos Los Tovares.  Other than that I spent all day napping, watching Netflix, & drinking beer.  What I had planned on doing was working on my case study for my ethics class.  Fail. (which is also what's going to happen if I don't get on it soon...)

Thursday 16th I got my hair dyed!  I was tired of the dull brown & grown out blonde/red highlights.  I had originally wanted to get it done in Houston a couple of weeks ago but wound up not going down there at all.  I'm glad I didn't make the trip down there because I wound up finding a place near me that I really like that's also about half the price of the place I went in Houston.  I decided to go dark dark brown.  That evening my parents got into town & we went out to eat at Pappadeux & then just hung out for awhile.

Friday 17th We went to breakfast at Waffle House & then checked out Texas Tulips.  I kept seeing ads for in on Facebook so when I saw it was only an hour from me I knew I had to go.  I had actually considered going on Wednesday but then didn't leave the house so I figured it'd be a good activity for when my parents were in town.  I also fell in love with the area up there.  It's where I want to be.  It's the Texas I had in mind when I first moved to Texas.  I applied for a summer nanny job up there already that I'm really hoping I get & have started looking at school districts up there as well.  It's out of the city which is ultimately what I want but still only an hour from city center of both Dallas & Fort Worth.  After the tulips we stopped at a saddle & boot shop in the area & then headed back towards home.  My dad fixed a couple of things at my apartment, we hung out for a little bit near a large pond behind my apartment.  That night we just ordered appetizers to go from Chili's & hung out by the fire pit at my parents' hotel.

Saturday 18th I took my parents to Pecan Lodge for lunch.  I love that place so much.  Their brisket is amazing & OMG that mac & cheese.  I want some of the mac & cheese right now.  I was looking for an end table so we went to B4 hoping I could find a used one.  No such luck.  It was a cute little store though.  We had no plan after that so I drove over to Four Corner brewery.  We didn't go in.  It was so packed.  We thought about doing the pedestrian bridge but it was really warm out.  I did not want to just sit around for 8 hours so we drove down to Glen Rose & went to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  It was cool.  We got to see lots of cool animals like giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, ect.  You even get to feed some of them from a bag of food from your car.  The worst part about it though was the people.  Oh my goodness I hate people.  We somehow wound up behind 2 different cars that were full of super annoying people.  By the time we left early that evening I was so exhausted & over humans.  We got back to my place, ordered a pizza, hung out for a bit, & then my parents went back to their hotel.  I promptly passed out.

Sunday 19th We went to IHOP for breakfast for the second day in a row & even had the same waiter.  After lunch we headed down to Grandview so that we could go on a trail ride at Beaumont Ranch.  It was such a perfect day for it.  I know I said it back in November/December (whenever I last went) but for real I need to get on a horse more often.  I love riding.  I want to go back to that place again because they have more than just horseback riding.  You can also go ziplining, ride ATVs, shoot clay pigeons, archery, & cattle herding/roping.  We headed back towards my place & went to Lupe's Tex-Mex for a late lunch.  After lunch it was time for my parents to head out.  I thought about taking a nap, I even laid down, but I didn't actually fall asleep.  Just laying down felt great though.  I went to the store for some food for the week...nothing that required actual cooking... & then got some froyo from Sweet Frog.  I spent the rest of the night watching a couple of episodes of Love on Netflix & then Lone Star Law.  I went to bed at 10 but didn't fall asleep until probably closer to 11:30-midnight.  I was so good about not staying up crazy late or waking up that late all spring break to avoid getting my sleep pattern out of whack.  So of course the night before I had to go back to work I would be unable to sleep.

Moments I'm Grateful For
10 - Start of spring break!
11 - New tattoo
12 - Date w/really cute guy
13 - 2nd date with same really cute guy
14 - Girls day & night
15 - Elote & tacos
16 - Parents in town
17 - Visiting Texas Tulips
18 - Drive through safari
19 - Horseback riding


  1. I'm so sorry your date didn't go as you wanted! :( Elote is just the best. I am so glad you had fun with your parents in town! Crossing my fingers for the nanny job for you! That area in Texas is really lovely, though I know I would miss fun restaurant options! Haha.

  2. Sorry about your date! But you will find the right guy... I know that's annoying and obnoxious to say but I mean it!

  3. Besides your date (guy suck anyway!) Your weekend looks so fun! Love those tacos!


    1. Seriously I could eat tacos all the time!

  4. Hope you get the nannying job you want in the area that you want. It sounds like if you move out there, you will have the best of both worlds since you wouldn't be too far from major cities.