Monday, March 27, 2017

The Weekend I Took No Pictures

Ok so that's a lie...I took a couple but that's it.  And the ones that I did take are on Instagram.  I feel like this weekend went by incredibly fast & yet I also did so much that I feel like it was really long.  By Sunday night Friday had felt like it was ages ago.  I needed just one more day this weekend to be productive since I spent Friday & Saturday being go go go & Sunday recuperating.  The upside today is that since tomorrow is state testing, today my kids are just watching documentaries because we're on alternating block & I won't see a single one of my classes tomorrow.  Anyway, on with my weekend recap!  Linking up with Biana!

I had two dates, yes two.  I am not the type of girl that has those skills by the way.  It was stressful & I felt awful.  First of all, I was late to the first date because rush hour traffic.  I met up with guy A for drinks in Deep Ellum.  It was alright.  He was nice enough but there was nothing there.  Also, based on certain things he said we are polar opposites in some pretty important areas.  Needless to say there won't be a 2nd date.  To get out of said date & make it to the second one I said I had to be at the second softball game of a double header.  It wasn't a complete lie, I did.  I just made it seem like I had to play not just watch.  I met up with guy B at his softball game & then we hung out afterwards.  I wasn't completely sold on him either but had a lot more in common with him so I text him the next day asking if he'd like to hang out again.  I almost didn't because I wasn't really sure if I even wanted to but I figured a 2nd date would help me determine if there was something there or not.  He never responded so I guess there's that answer.

I spent most of the morning actually not doing much.  I woke up & started getting read for the day a little before 8 but found myself on the couch until like 10.  Next week is shark week & this didn't quite compute until later in the day, but I was craving chips & dip so I went to the store to get stuff to make creamy jalapeno dip.  I then of course sat there eating chips & dip until right before I was supposed to leave to go meet my friend for lunch.  Real smart... eat all the way up until you're supposed to go eat.  Around 1:30 I left my place to go meet up with my friend Ryan & his friend.  I met Ryan 8 yeas ago on a road trip to Colorado with my friend who is his cousin.  We still talk fairly often-ish but it had been 6 years since I had seen him so it was good to catch up.  The three of us went to Drunken Donkey & then Braums for ice cream.  After ice cream I went home for a nap.

I was originally supposed to meet up with a bunch of friends for dinner & a concert around 7 but they were all running late which meant I got to sleep more.  A little after 8 I finally left my place & we all met up at Star Cafe in the Stockyards for supper because my friend Teaford & I are obsessed with that place & feel the need to take everyone we know there.  After supper we walked to Billy Bob's to see Aaron Watson in concert.  I love him.  His whole family is goals.  A little before it was over a couple of the people left leaving me, Teaford, her boyfriend, & his friend.  When the show ended we walked over the White Elephant to close down the night.  I had originally planned on going home, I had driven down there, but because the other 2 had left those 3 behind & I hadn't drank a whole lot, I drove those 3 back home & just stayed there for the night.

I had such high hopes for Sunday...I should stop doing that.  I was going to get so much of my paper for grad school done.  I did not.  When I got home I immediately laid on my couch & kept passing out.  I am too old to have late nights & next to no sleep two nights in a row.  I finished watching season 2 of Love on Netflix, followed by the 2 Dave Chappelle specials, followed by season 2 of Fuller House.  I didn't get any of my paper done, I didn't go grocery shopping, I didn't get any cleaning done.  It was just me, my couch, & Netflix.  At like 9 pm while I was starting Lone Star Law on Animal Planet Tattoo Hater text me.  (If we actually keep being friends I might need to come up with a less hateful name for him...)  He asked if I had eaten yet, & since I hadn't really due to the whole not leaving the couch & getting adult stuff done, we met up at Chili's for food.  We hung out for about an hour or so before I had to go home & go to bed.

Basically I spent my weekend hanging out with a ton of people & getting nothing accomplished.  I'm supposed to go to a beer festival next weekend but depending on what happens between the best friend & I between now & then I'm going to just give up my ticket & not go.  In the event that I do go, I need to be productive this week for real.  I'm being a horrible adult...


  1. You saw so many people this weekend! How exciting! I totally know what you mean about not wanting to be productive after a full weekend. I hardly even want to blog some Sundays! Haha.

  2. That's a fun weekend though... I never get as much done as I'd like to, haha.
    What's going on with best friend?