Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Look Back At 2016 Vol. 4

The post with the most comments: Goodbye October, Hello November

The post with the most views: October Confessions

My favorite posts: An Open Letter To Every Man Who Let Me Go & An Open Letter To The Man I'm Going To Marry

I went to the Texas State Fair

I worked a lot

I turned 28

I celebrated my birthday in Nashville

I had an interview for a long term subbing position & accepted it

I met Bella & Olya

I got another tattoo

I quit my bar job

I decided to spend a day being a tourist in Fort Worth

The post with the most comments & views: November Confessions

My favorite post: 16 Ways To Embrace The Suck

I drove up to Oklahoma on a whim one day

I attended a couple of my former players' basketball games

I attended my friend Chelsea's wedding

I flew back to Minnesota for the last weekend of deer hunting & an early Thanksgiving

I spent a few days exploring Dallas

I saw Sleeping With Sirens in concert

I saw Good Charlotte in concert

I spent Thanksgiving with my awesome friends Helen & Caleb

I saw Cody Johnson in concert


The post with the most views: Holiday Favorites

My favorite post: December Confessions

I went to San Antonio for a weekend

I ran walked my first 5k in years

I interviewed for a teaching position that I thought was mine & didn't get it

I was later offered a different position at the same school

I signed up for Helene's Instagram for Success

I said goodbye to one of my best friends for a few months

I flew back to Minnesota for 2 weeks


  1. The last quarter of the year is always the best. Shit got done!

  2. What a year. Glad it ended on a high note! :) Hope 2017 holds many wonderful things for you!