Friday, October 28, 2016

My First Week As A 28 Year Old

Happy Friday y'all!  I hope that you all had a fabulous week & have an even better weekend.  This is the first weekend that I haven't had to work (without having something such as Nashville planned) since August.  More to come on that in the future.  This was a weird week for me.  It was a lot of good with a lot of underlying shittiness.  As Tuesday was basically the highlight of me week, that's where most of my favorites come from.

On Tuesday I spent the entire day in Dallas.  I honestly planned on doing a lot more & having a whole post dedicated to my day in Dallas, but alas I didn't.  I got lunch at El Come Taco & holy shit I'm going back.  I got a chorizo & a lengua.  The lengua was alright but the chorizo...I could've eaten 10 more.  I'd like to say I went because #TacoTuesday but really I always love tacos & didn't really realize it was Tuesday until I went to instagram my food.

After tacos I went to Mudsmith for some coffee.  I almost wished I was hungry when I got there because they have a jalapeno popper cheese melt & I'm jalapeno obsessed.  I hadn't planned on being there real long but my lit review & blogging took longer than I had expected.  So, that's actually where I spent most of my day in Dallas.

After Mudsmith I had an awkward amount of time to kill.  I had wanted to maybe go to Papaya or Forever 21 for clothes or the Pedestrian Bridge or Klyde Warren Park.  But I had that awkward amount of time where it's not long enough to really do something but too long to do nothing.  So I drove myself to Deep Ellum, parked my car, & read my book.  That night I got to meet up with Bella & Olya at The Green Room.  The views there were awesome.  I had previously been there before for a couple of drinks with other friends but hadn't realized it until I got to the patio.  The view is pretty awesome though so I wasn't disappointed.  Plus, I had never tried their food before.  I got jalapeno poppers (told I was jalapeno obsessed.)  It was fun getting to meet up with them to chat for a couple of hours.  I can't wait to do it again & meet more bloggers in the DFW area as well.

When I got home from Dallas Tuesday night I saw that I had mail & when I opened it I cried. My friend Sonja had sent me a Minnesota Homesick candle & my friend Kayla had sent me a gift card with a really sweet note inside the birthday card.  I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

This is all so out of order.  The very first thing I did when I got to Dallas on Tuesday was get my 7th tattoo.  It had been almost a year & a half since I had gotten my last one so I was already going tattoo stir crazy.  But then, a few weeks prior I sat there & watched someone else get one.  That put the nail in the coffin.  I figured out what I wanted (there's actually 2 that I have planned out but am putting them off) & made myself an appointment at J. Hall & Co Gentleman Tattooers.  I will not get a tattoo just anywhere.  With the exception of my foot tattoo, I have only gotten tattoos at places that I have personally known someone who got one there & have seen it.  If I had the time & money I would have rather gone back down to Houston, or even back to Minnesota, where I had previously gotten tattoos.  However, I don't have that kind of time or money.  I am so happy with the tattoo though & the guys there were a lot of fun.  I got a compass with the coordinates to my parents' house, aka home.  Per my cousin's suggestion I blocked out the coordinates because "what if you have a stalker"  True that cousin, true that.

Wednesday night I met up with my friend Emily & we planned on working on some of our project for school.  Instead we drank wine, ate frozen pizza, played with her dog Dolly, bitched about work & school, and then later got Chinese.  It was exactly what I needed.


  1. I love there sentiment behind your tattoo. Both our older boys have them and I will be posting next month about them and how special they are. Love a night just to chill with a friend and vent. Hope you soak in a great October weekend gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you! I really love it! I can't wait to see/hear about your boys' tattoos. Have a great weekend!

  2. So fun that you were able to meet up with some blogger friends in Dallas and that your friend sent you a candle with a nice note for your birthday!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh your tattoo came out so good. Your cousin is so right!! There are so many creepy people out there. My sister has six tattoo's and is itching to get another one. That homesick candle is so adorable. What a thought friend you have. Have a great weekend.

  4. i love the new tat! home is def where the heart is; i really like the way it turned out.

  5. Loved getting to meet you! Such a sweet gift from your friend! :)

  6. I like the tattoo! I might get a small someday, but I haven't decided what. Wednesday sounds perfect - pizza, dogs, wine, and Chinese food!

  7. Mexican all dayyyy errrr dayyyyy

  8. Love the tattoo and the candle! And so cool that you got to meet up with some fellow bloggers. Was this your first time? I remember being so nervous when I first met bloggers in person. Especially since I share more about my personal life on my blog than with just any ole person, and it's like "omg they KNOW!" haha.