Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Confessions

**When I sub in a messy classroom it stresses me out**

**I have a job interview today & there's a chance I'm feeling over confident**

**I have become a horrible blogger...again...I am so behind on reading/commenting & unless scheduled a week or more ago my posts either get finished day of (like this one) or not at all**

**Grad school this semester has been so chaotic in an unorganized way that if I didn't want to finish what I started I'd probably not continue on**

**One of my professors has my grade currently completely messed up & has not responded to any of my messages about it...finals week is next week...**

**People who don't clean out the refrigerator from time to time...why?!**

**If I land this full time job, I'm getting another, small, tattoo**


  1. I have an interview tomorrow and the interviewer has been so easy going and lovely to e-mail with during the initial process that I'm worried it's making me feel too at ease and confident about the whole thing. Good luck with the interview! And with sorting things out with your prof! I once got a bad great on a paper and was so confused because I was really confident, and then I read the comments the prof had left and realized it wasn't my paper. He had skipped ahead alphabetically and had mixed up everyone's grade when he entered them into the system.

  2. Wishing you so much luck and love on getting the job you want baby! When I used to sub, before I taught full-time years ago, it would drive me insane too. Heck, I go insane if the girls in my office have messy desk areas now ha ha. Have a wonderful Wednesday sweetie

    1. Thank you! It's mid-year & there are 3 available, one of which I'm already hired to long term sub for, so I feel like my odds are pretty good at getting at least one of them. A lack of organization drives me batty! Have a great day!

  3. Not that I'm encouraging it, but there's a cool group of #gradschoolquitters. NBD, but I'm totally a part of that. We'd welcome you with open arms... and by we I mean me.

  4. Best of luck at your job interview! I'm sure you will do awesome because you are awesome.

  5. A day late, but I hope your job interview went well! I have not been Blogger blogging myself, just reading blogs.

  6. i think everyone has let blogging fall by the wayside!