Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Break

I'm in a bit of a rut, again.  It's not that I don't have stuff to write about, I just don't have the energy or motivation to write.  I barely got my weekending post out last week.  What I did get out was pretty much just pictures & a brief overview, leaving my weekend pretty much up to you to imagine.  I didn't get a Friday Favorites post out at all.  I had the title, I had the pictures, I had the time, & stuff to say.  What I didn't have was the motivation to sit down & put it together.  Lucky for me this past week I was on Thanksgiving break which means I can pretend like I missed Friday Favorites on purpose & the whole week can just roll into one long weekend for today's post.

Some of my favorite moments from Thanksgiving break...
Late Tuesday morning I went to watch my old basketball girls play.  While I was there I had my favorite senior do my hair.  Not going to lie, having a plethora of girls to do my hair is something I really miss about teaching/coaching high school girls.  #IGotNoSkills 

After the games I drove to Dallas to meet with CR.  We had plans to see Sleeping With Sirens that night at House of Blues.  Up until he had asked me a couple of months ago to go I had never even heard of the main band.  And up until the night of the show I hadn't heard of the opening bands either (Waterparks, Tonight Alive, & State Champs)  I really liked all of the bands though & it was a ton of fun.  I hadn't been to a non country concert since probably high school & it definitely made me miss going to other types of shows.

During the day on Wednesday while waiting for another friend to show up we checked out Klyde Warren Park, Pecan Lodge, & the Truckyard.  I had previously been to the Truckyard once a couple of years ago at night, I had never been to the other two places though.  The park & Pecan Lodge also helped me cross a couple of things off of my Dining in Dallas & Fun in DFW lists.  The BBQ at Pecan Lodge, holy crap.  I understand why it's rated so high.  The brisket was amazing & melted in my mouth.  And the mac & cheese?!  How can it not be a win with bacon & jalapenos in it?  It might just be my new favorite BBQ place of all time.  It's definitely in the top two.

Wednesday night it was back to the House of Blues.  We saw Good Charlotte & 17 year old me was happy as a clam.  I really couldn't tell you who the opening bands were.  I didn't really care.  They weren't super impressive & the three of us just hung out & drank by the bar until Good Charlotte came on.  They played so many songs from their Young & the Hopeless album.  I'd like to think that 28 year old me appreciated it just as much if not more than 17 year old me would have.  However, my body is definitely not 17 anymore.  Jumping around in cowboy boots 2 nights in a row still has my ankles & shins in pain.  #OldPeopleProblems

This was the first Thanksgiving in my entire life that I did not spend it in Minnesota with my family.  I am lucky enough to have amazing friends however who invited me to theirs.  My friends Helen & Caleb hosted their first Thanksgiving in their house so that's where I went.  Helen did an amazing job on the food & the decor.  She went full blown Martha Stewart, minus the criminal charges.  We played some games, watched some football, & ate amazing food.  After the Cowboys game I headed back to Fort Worth where I watched more of the final season of Gilmore Girls while taking a bubble bath.  I had wanted to finish the series before Friday but that didn't happen.  I had 3 episodes left when I finally had to go to sleep.

Over the weekend...
This colder weather has me not wanting to leave my warm cocoon of a bed ever.  So Friday I stayed in bed way longer than I should have.  When I did finally get out of bed I ran a couple of errands & then finished watching season 7 of Gilmore Girls.  As soon as season 7 ended Netflix didn't even give me an option of what I wanted to do.  It was just like "bet you want to start the new Gilmore Girls don't you?"  Well, yes I do Netflix.  I watched the first 3 episodes before heading to the Stockyards to see Cody Johnson play at Billy Bob's.  I love that man so.  He puts on such a great show & he doesn't have a single bad album.  Because more racer back tank tops & koozies are the last thing I need, another tank top & koozie is exactly what I bought.  When the show was over I headed home & promptly passed out.

Saturday was a la-zy day.  I woke up & took awhile to get out of my warm bed cocoon.  Once I did I made coffee & watched the last episode of the Gilmore Girls revival.  Tears.  All the tears.  I also love & hated the way that it ended.  It was infuriating but also perfectly poetic.  I ran to Walmart afterwards to pick up a couple of things & then spent hours on the couch watching old western TV shows & writing out Christmas cards.  After I got tired of that I switched it up & ordered a pizza (as fate would have it a 50% off coupon arrived in the mail earlier that day) and then watched some of my favorite movies.

Sunday was another relaxing day.  I started out the morning with coffee & a new book.  I recently started reading the Left Behind series & it is so good.  I'm on the 3rd book now.  After reading for a couple of hours I decided to head out & treat myself to a pedicure.  I didn't even care about the polish honestly.  I really just wanted the massage & for my feet to be scrubbed because they desperately needed it.  I went with a bright red color because December...  While I was getting my pedicure I got a text from a friend asking if I was in town & if I wanted to meet up for lunch.  I had never been to HG Sply Co before but it was really good.  I got a bacon cheese burger but it was so much more.  It was really nice to catch up with my friend too.  It had been awhile since we had seen each other.  Afterwards I headed home to catch up on TV shows & read some more.


  1. I love it, your warm bed cocoon! Wish I was in my little cocoon right now but Unfortunately it's a back to work Monday! I love all the snaps from your Thanksgiving break, you're just cute as can be and the best concert go or ever! I hope it's a fantastic week ahead and don't worry about the lack of motivation to write, I totally get it and your pictures tell a wonderful story as is!

    1. I hope that you're having a good Monday! Thank you so much. You're such a sweet person. I definitely miss going to concerts. Luckily I think I get to go to another one this coming weekend. Have a great week!

  2. Looks like you've been doing SO much!! Love all the concerts and I have to say that snap of GG was actually one of my favorite scenes - it was really different! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love a good bacon cheeseburger! And I'm glad that your first Thanksgiving away from family was spent with friends!

  4. Wow, you sure did a lot of over your break! And omg Good Charlotte--there's a band I haven't thought of in ages! My 17 year old self would have been psyched to see them too! :)

    1. Right?! When my friend brought it up a couple months ago I was like "they're still a thing?!" It was so much fun though.

  5. So glad you were able to have a good Thanksgiving, even if you couldn't spend it with family.