Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Stitch Fix #4

You can see my previous fixes here, here, & here.  I got my first fix over a year & a half ago... I'm still taking poorly lit mirror selfies...  This time around they are particularly bad... I actually got this box back in June.  That's how behind on blogging I am.  And by behind I actually just mean I was too lazy to take pictures of myself in the clothes.  Even this time around when I took them it was a "oh snap Nash is napping & I got this box almost 2 months ago so I should go quickly take pictures.

My last fix had been back in February because they offered to wave my fee.  That's exactly why I decided to do it again a 4th time.  Yes, I had kept all of the clothes in my 3rd one, but if they're going to randomly waive my fee then of course I'm going to wait around for that.

Gilli - Bexley Maxi Skirt $58

Liverpool - Taylor Cuffed Distressed Denim Short $48

Loveappella - Livia Crochet Detail Skirt $48

Statement - Melanie Ruffle Cold-Shoulder Top $54

Q&A - Malani Ruffle Detail Top $54

I swear they all look better in person ha.  The only one I wasn't super in love with was the last one.  It's cute & I'm sure I'll wear it from time to time.  It was cheaper to keep it & get the 25% discount than it would have been to just keep the other 4 items though which is why I ultimately kept it.  I'm obsessed with the shorts.  Up until volleyball started I was wearing them all the time.  I wore the maxi skirt to my orientation & the other skirt to my first day of new teacher training.

While I'll most likely be waiting for another "we've waived your styling fee" email, if you've never used them before & would like to, click here!  I get a $25 credit if you try them through me.


  1. Yay for fee waiving and super CUTE stuff!! The shorts are so you!

    1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with them!

  2. Wow!! I'm impressed with all of your items. A great combination of work/comfy/and dressy clothes! Overall, they did a wonderful job!