Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stitch Fix #2

My 2nd Stitch Fix box was scheduled to arrive Thursday, it arrived Friday.  In the end it wasn't the end of the world because I didn't have so much going on over the weekend where I couldn't take time to look at everything, try it on, & decided what I wanted & didn't want.  I knew before I even opened the box (I cheated & went to checkout on the day it was supposed to arrive) that there would be two items I wouldn't be keeping.  I had also decided that it would be at least 6 months before I did another one, if I ever decided to do another one.  I love the concept of it, I love new clothes, but I haven't loved enough of the stuff (you can see my first review here) to justify doing them frequently, or the prices of the items.

With my last Stitch Fix I realized I needed a full length mirror.  There are 2 at my parents house (& if I ever fully move out...aka to somewhere more permanent...I'll take the one that's in my bedroom.)  What I learned with this Stitch Fix is that I need a photographer lol.  Since I don't have one, self-taken cell phone photos in poor lighting will have to do.

1. Collective Concepts Lurline Racerback Top $44
I pretty much assumed I'd be keeping this one before I even opened the box.  Racerbacks are my thing.  That's what the majority of my tops are.  Plus, it's summer.  I loved the way it fell & that it was simple enough that I could wear it either as a casual outfit or that I could dress it up to look nicer.  KEPT

Dex Crocus Cutout Shoulder Detail Blouse $48
This was the one thing I was able to find online when I tried using Google to see what they had sent me at checkout.  I said that unless it looked better in person, or on me, I wasn't going to keep it.  I just didn't like the way it fit me.  I also wasn't crazy about the pattern.  I wasn't even aware that the back opened until I was taking that picture. RETURNED

Market & Spruce Kellie Open Front Drape Cardigan $68
This was one of the items I knew I wouldn't be keeping before I even saw it.  First of all, like I mentioned with my first fix, I don't ever wear cardigans.  Second of all, it's June, it's 90 degrees out.  If I were to be buying a cardigan it's not going to be in the summer.  I will say that I loved how it fit.  I wasn't crazy about how it looked on me though & again, I have no need for a cardigan in the summer.  The way it fit though did make me want to reconsider cardigans for when I go back to work in the fall (as long as it's still as a teacher) RETURNED

Pixley Jacelyn Off Shoulder Dress $74
There was a part of me that wanted to love this because I love dresses in the summer & I'm obsessed with the whole off the shoulder look right now.  Another part of me was praying I didn't fall in love with it because of the price tag.  I have never, & will never, spend $75 on a casual summer dress.  Luckily? I hated the way I looked in it.  It didn't fall right & the colors did nothing for me.  RETURNED

Urban Expressions Adelade Woven Fold-Over Clutch $48
This was the other item I knew I wouldn't be keeping before I even opened the box.  I have 3 purses.  9 times out of 10 I'm using just one of those or not even using a purse & just carrying my wallet.  It should be noted that in the picture it looks brown but it is in fact gray.  RETURNED

So here's where I'm at with Stitch Fix.  I've kept 1 out of 10 items sent to me so far.  There is a part of me that wants to give it another shot in say December (then I'm doing them once every 6 months.)  There's another part of me that says why?  The items are more than I would usually consider spending on my own when shopping, & I've only loved 1 of the items enough to keep it/justify the price.  I guess we'll see when December rolls around if I want to do another one or not.


  1. I've done a few Stitch Fixes, and ultimately decided that the service is just not for me. I enjoyed writing the note, pinning items & styles to my pinterest board, and unboxing the box. The prices, I did not like.

    I love the concept of it but the items I get, I cannot justify the high price tags for. The only way I find it affordable is with the 25% off discount. I've had success buying items off of a Facebook Stitch Fix buy/sell/trade group. I kept three items, and then sold the other two on the FB group.

    1. Getting the 25% discount is definitely the only affordable way to go. I would have to absolutely love everything in there though because I'm too lazy to try to sell the stuff I don't like.

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  3. I won't even try it solely because of the prices. I would never pay those prices for clothes, even something high end on the sales rack. I refuse.

  4. I love this concept but I am so bad returning things I just can't even go there. Love the top you chose to keep!

  5. I've never done a StitchFix based on price alone. Also, I'm very plain and cheap in my clothing choices and that's ok with me. I'm a clearance rack whore.