Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#JingleVoxBox & My First Stitch Fix

Biscoff Cookies: So I didn't actually try these because I'm doing Whole30 & those definitely aren't approved.  Maybe I'll give them a shot in February.

Cetaphil Lotion: I put this on one day after getting out of the shower.  My skin has been super dry because winter...  it worked.  I don't think it necessarily worked any worse or any better than other brands that I've tried in the past but it did work.  The consistency was more like cocoa butter than regular lotion.

Pure Ice Nail Polish: I actually already owned this exact same polish.  That turned out to be a good thing since I've been on a powder dip manicure kick & therefore didn't put this on.  However, since I already own it I can say that I absolutely love the color.

Kiss Eyelashes: I was a piss poor influenster with this box.  I still haven't tried these either.  There's a fairly good chance I never will either.  As a girl who hardly ever even wears make-up, fake eye lashes are intimidating.  Maybe someday when I have nowhere to go, or have a long time to get ready, I'll play around with them...

Itty Bitty Snowman: One of my basketball girls is obsessed with Frozen so I gave her the Olaf/snowman Itty Bitty.

All products received from influenster in exchange for my reviews of the products.

Stitch Fix

This Stitch Fix box taught me that I absolutely need to buy a new full length mirror.  I had a cheap, crappy one when I lived in Houston but when it broke I never replaced it.  Life is easier with a full length mirror.  Onto the products...

1. Kut From The Kloth Cai Bootcut Jean $88 I loved the way the pants fit.  Before I put them on I told myself that if they made my butt look cute I'd buy them.  The price tag was $88 which isn't really outrageous for jeans anymore but I've been so spoiled with getting expensive jeans for way low cost in the past so I wasn't quite ready to pull the $88 trigger when they did absolutely nothing for my rear.  I was actually a little sad because I loved the way they fit everywhere else. RETURN

2. Skies are Blue Brilla Open Cardigan $58 I put this sweater on knowing full well I wasn't going to keep it.  I love the way those sweaters look but I never wear them.  They just aren't my thing.  I'll throw on an actual sweater long before I put on an open sweater.  I really don't know why, I just don't wear them.  I knew even though I thought it was cute that I would never grab it out of my closet. RETURN

3. Romolo Munroe Feather Pendant Necklace $28 I really liked the idea of this necklace.  I thought it was super cute & had it been shorter I would have kept it.  However, the highest it would go was right in the middle of my chest & for $28 I just couldn't justify it unless I was 100% happy with it. RETURN

4. Papermoon Pinon Lace Detail Blouse $48 This was the piece that I came the closest to keeping.  I loved the color.  I loved the way it fit.  I loved the way it looked.  But then I went to take it off & it was just a little too tight across part of the top so it was a slight struggle to get it off.  I didn't want to have to struggle each time I tried to take it off, especially because it's not a giving fabric so I was afraid if I tried too quickly or too much one time I might rip it.  RETURN

5. RD Style V-Neck Pullover Sweater $78 I actually really loved this piece too but I had to be honest with myself.  I have sweaters already in my closet that I love but never wear.  If I were still up north I probably would have bought it.  Or even if I had gotten it as a Stitch Fix to keep it in MN.  But in Texas I never wear sweaters.  Even full length long sleeve shirts is rare.  Don't get me wrong, it gets cold in north TX, but I still never really wear them down here.  If I had a classroom that was ever cold I would but I get to control the temperature in my room & 70 is the absolute bottom that I drop it too.  Plus, it was $78 & that was just too high of a price for something I can randomly wear just a couple of months out of the year.  RETURN

Despite not keeping anything I will be doing another Stitch Fix in the future.  If you have never used Stitch Fix before & would like to, click here & I get a $25 credit when you sign up.  

I think another big problem with this box & my not keeping anything was that I felt rushed.  It arrived on December 30th after I had already left my place.  I didn't really go home again until the day it was due Jan 2.  So I tried everything on that morning & had to rush out the door in order to make it to my game & the post office.  It was poor planning on my part.  I really thought that week I would have been home a lot more than I was & therefore would have had more time to really look at things.  With such little time to really look at the pieces & feel them out I didn't feel comfortable dropping that much money on some of the items.


  1. I would have kept the jeans and cardigan. I'm a huge fan of Kut from the Kloth so assuming they fit well, I would have splurged on those. I get one about every 3-4 months. I like it but the price of their stuff annoys me. You can find similar, if not the same, pieces online elsewhere for less.

  2. oh bummer you didn't keep anything, but i understand. i always try and plan mine in advance to arrive on a friday so i have the whole weekend to decide. the weekends just have more time than the weekdays, obviously, and i need to sleep on those decisions because hello $$$

  3. My boss has kept them late and they haven't charged her in case you need an extra day next time. I love the idea behind Stitchfix but I know that I could find similar things for cheaper so even though the convenience is awesome (I hate going shopping), I have yet to try it.

  4. that necklace is so cute!!! but for $28...not sure about that price.

  5. I ended up cancelling Stitch Fix...I could find a lot of the stuff for a lot cheaper.

  6. I love that #5 top from Stitch Fix but I wouldn't have paid that much for it. I love your tattoo.