Monday, January 11, 2016

Basketball, Hockey, & Football

Friday we had an away game.  Luckily this game was only about an hour away.  All 3 teams lost.  To be fair, we played the team that has won districts the past 3-4 years in a row & we didn't do terrible.  After the game we stopped to feed the girls.  We went to Wendy's.  I got a salad & pretty much just ate lettuce & tomatoes.  I didn't even finish it.  It was enough to hold me over until I could get home.

Saturday morning I woke up & went to Barre.  The Saturday morning class had so many people compared to the week night classes I had gone to before.  It was still good though.  After Barre I went home for a quick shower before getting a mani/pedi.  I had intended to just get my nails neutral because they're so short.  I got my toes done first though & since I got them a deep purple I decided to just go balls to the wall & get my nails done in sparkly gold & then the ring fingers sparkly purple for the Vikings game on Sunday.  I made a quick stop at the grocery store so I could have food for the week.  My trip was mostly unsuccessful because I went to the crappy one by my house that has almost nothing.  Once I dropped my groceries off I headed down to Mr. Midwest's place.  We watched some Friday Night Lights on Netflix until it was time to head out.  The Wild were in town playing the Stars so I had to go.  I was decked out in my Minnesota Northstars shirt while he was decked out in his Dallas Stars jersey.  The entire back row behind us were MN Wild fans.  Score!  We wound up winning which is even better.  Unfortunately, when we got home, Mr Midwest drove, I realized that I had lost my keys (apartment & car).  I tried calling that night but no one had turned them in yet so they said to try again later.


The first thing I did when I woke up was to call American Airline Center.  No one had turned in my keys yet.  So the second thing I did was to look see if any Ford dealerships were open.  Nope.  Then I looked to see if Enterprise was open.  Nope.  Mr. Midwest offered to teach me to drive a manual so I could have his car for Monday.  I declined.  I didn't feel confident enough that I'd learn how to drive it well enough to take his "baby," it's a BMW 3 series.  So my next step was to call Pop A Lock.  They came out & made a brand new key for the pretty price of $350.  Since I had no way of getting into my apartment, & we were both hungry, we went to the grocery store to buy stuff for that day as well as stuff to get me through today.  The rest of the day was spent on the couch watching football & Netflix.  I took one small adventure to Target in between the Vikings & the Packers so I could buy clothes for work today.  I was so pissed off that the Vikings lost & also not too happy that the Packers won.  At this point in the season I'm cheering for anyone but Seattle or Green Bay.


  1. You changed your blog name! {{Which you probably did forever ago.. but I'm just now getting back into blogging. soo!!}}

    Sounds like a fun weekend! I've always wanted to try a Barre class, just haven't gotten around to it!

  2. Oh man I'm so sorry about the car keys, that is awful. I've done that before and so has my husband and it is no fun. Way to be strict on the Whole30 at Wendy's. We did that at a FF place once and it was tough!

  3. sorry to hear about the end of your weekend - spending money on that sort of stuff is always annoying, but glad it worked out for you! xo, Biana

  4. Oh crap, I hate lost keys!!! So sorry but glad Mr Midwest was a safe haven! I felt so bad for the Vikings! I hope this week has gotten off to a good start for you gorgeous!!

  5. Oh no losing your keys is NEVER fun and always comes at an ungodly cost!!! I've locked myself out of my apartment a few years ago while dinner was cooking on the stove and had to pay about that same price for Pop-a-lock. Never fun! Hope this week is off to a better start.

  6. So sorry about your keys being lost. Hope the mani/pedi was a bright spot in the weekend though.

  7. That key thing blows. I have hidden keys to my house everywhere. Seriously. Outside the house, in my car, in my wallet, at a friend's house. It's ridiculous.