Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Weekend

Friday was a packed day.  I woke up that morning, had breakfast, read some blogs, & then went to meet Becky for our adventure.  Our plan for the day was to go pedal boating & eat some delicious fish/shrimp tacos.  It only partially happened.  We ate fish/shrimp tacos however they weren't delicious & we didn't go pedal boating.  We ate at Sea Salt Eatery because it was listed as one of the best places to get fish tacos in Minnesota & it was near a location to go pedal boating.  They were SO bland.  I mean they weren't gross, but they weren't good.  There was no flavor whatsoever.  We had much better tacos last year at The Tin Fish & Lago Tacos.  The pedal boat portion of our day didn't happen because I passed out in line to get tacos.  Between low blood sugar & being overheated I just went down, right there in line.  I've gotten dizzy before in the past, & when I was in choir in high school I would often get dizzy/overheated from the lights.  I've never actually passed out before until this time.  My cousin got me to a chair, got me a juice, & a nice stranger brought me some water while I waited for my juice & food telling me that it has happened to her multiple times & to just drink water & sit down.  When our food came out we went to a table in the shade, ate, & then took a little hike down to Minnehaha Falls to sit by the river & see the waterfall.  After I left Becky at her house I head back into the cities to meet my friend Bridgette for happy hour at Bar Louie.  I love Bar Louie.  It is bar far one of my favorite happy hours.  The prices are really only justifiable however during happy hour.  Any other time is too expensive in my opinion.  We caught up, talked boys, & I ate the ever amazing calamari & loaded tots.  When I got home that night I saw that my Stitch Fix had finally arrived & opened it up to see what I had gotten but didn't actually try anything on because it was late & I was tired.  I'll have a review coming about my fix on Tuesday.

Saturday morning my mom & I went to go pick up more flowers.  I may have gotten a little testy at some point.  All ended well though & we both survived.  She had to pick up a couple of things for her flowers & I really wanted Jon Pardi's new CD so we also went to Walmart.  I picked up Jon Pardi: California Sunrise as well as Maren Morris: Hero.  I didn't have a chance to listen to either over the weekend but I will be soon & then writing reviews for my new blog Country Music Hipsters that I'll be writing at with my friend Alicia.  I got to take a very short nap when we got home & then had to go to a graduation party.  I didn't actually know the girl that graduated but I graduated with her step brother & my parents are good friends with her mom & step dad.  I pretty much went because my parents were going & the alternative was sit at home alone & be anti-social which is pretty much my life Mon-Fri during the day.  The food was good, the beer was cold, & the sun was shining.  I was so exhausted that I was in bed by 9.  I was tired before then but decided to wait until 9 because that seemed the earliest acceptable time.

I started off the morning repainting my fingers & toes.  I've decided to give up manicures until further notice because my nails were getting so bad.  Pedicures I won't be giving up but right now I'm waiting until at least pay day before I get another one & I may possibly just wait until I get back to Texas in August.  I have plenty of polish here & might as well save my money.  My mom & I planted most of the flowers that we had bought the day before while my dad started smoking a brisket & sausage for supper that night.  We briefly went out & visited my dad's parents.  When my brother got off work he came out & we all had supper together and then just relaxed the rest of the night.


  1. Sorry to hear that you passed out. It use to happen to me all the time in the heat (and always when I had my period). It hasn't happened in awhile but I do try to always have iced water and a granola bar with me. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Bummer the fish tacos weren't that good! I have when you have high expectatiosn for a restaurant and they don't live up!

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