Thursday, August 10, 2017

Three On Thursday

I'm going to do this Three on Thursday slightly different.  Like Steph I'm going to share 3 things I'm loving lately.   However, I'm also going to steal an idea from the other Steph & share 3 things for various prompts that are a combo of Steph's, Jana's, & Lisa's.

Three Things I'm Loving Lately
1. Homemade Ranch dressing
2. Crave Dog Food
3. Laura's blog

Three Things I've Enjoyed Lately
1. Going to the dog park with Nash
2. Dance lessons at Red River
3. Having a girl friend to hang out with who is pretty much just like me

Three Things I Dislike
1. People constantly trying to sell me ItWorks...because it doesn't
2. Leaving Nash all day
3. My downstairs neighbors

Three Things I Don't Feel Like Doing Anymore
1. Commuting 40+ minutes to work each way 5-6 days a week
2. Sitting in long training sessions that could easily be shortened or an email
3. Waking up at 4:45 in the morning

Three Things I'm Excited To Do This Year
1. Driving back to Minnesota with Nash in September & December
2. Go to Austin for my birthday in October
3. Send out a Christmas card with a picture on it for once, because Nash

Three Things I'm Glad I Did This Year
1. Went to Colorado for a week
2. Let go of someone I thought was my best friend/the person I would marry
3. Got Nash

Three Shows Worth A Binge
1. Breaking Bad
2. Scandal
3. Shameless

Three Things I'm Currently Grateful For
1. Awesome co-workers
2. Having a place to bring Nash while I'm at work
3. Spotify Premium

Three Goals For The Rest Of The Year
1. Stop using my credit cards
2. Get into a good/healthy routine for the school year
3. Give a shit about dating again

Three Goals I've Completed This Year
1. Pay off my car
2. Get my own apartment
3. Go on a road trip

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  1. Paying shit off is the best.
    Wait. Spotify Premium is the best!
    Wait. Dogs are the best.

  2. Girl I hear ya on people hocking products like "It Works" because it obviously doesn't, and the long commutes. The traffic around here is insane, so my 15 mile commute takes me 40-50 minutes each way. Yay for paying off your car - that's amazing! :-D
    Green Fashionista

  3. When you figure out that good/healthy routine for the school year, I want to hear more. :)