Friday, May 19, 2017

Is It Over Yet

I am beyond ready for the end of the school year.  After today we still have 8 more days with students & 9 as teachers.  Everyone is over it.  The students, the teachers, administrators.  The end is so close & yet so far!  Linking up with Miss Amanda!

What I Was Up To
Monday was a crappy day & I don't even really remember why.  I just remember it was crappy & it started the derail of my Whole21 before it really even started.  I'm pretty sure I had chips & dip for supper that night.  My allergies were still really bad so when I got home I pretty much just laid on the couch watching One Tree Hill.

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Tuesday was even crappier than Monday.  I was "told," as in a the run around & silence are actually louder than a straight answer would have been, that I won't be coming back to the same school/district next year.  When I was hired, I was hired on a short term contract & was told that it was only for a semester because I replaced a boys' coach & they would have to hire someone to fulfill those coaching duties for next school year.  However, on more than one occasion I was looked straight in the eye & told that if something else opened up they would love for me to stay.  Guess what?  A position opened up.  Guess who has been given the runaround since then?  Me.  I then heard through the grapevine that it's being filled by someone else.  I was so mad.  Mostly because I was lied to straight to my face on more than one occasion & because no one has had the professionalism to tell me to my face, even when asked point blank.

That night I had a 2nd date with Vet Tech.  There's not going to be a 3rd.  I'd maybe say yes if he asked again but I don't think he will.  He's nice enough & cute enough but conversation was just meh.  He wasn't as bad as Mr. Can't Hold A Conversation but there were times when it was still definitely a struggle.

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Wednesday I got shadowbanned on Instagram!!  It was fairly brief.  It happened sometime in the evening & I didn't notice because I was out with a friend for the night.  However, at the end of the night when I went to add a photo I noticed that the one I had posted earlier had a small fraction of the likes/engagement I normally get.  My initial thought was just "well that picture sucks!"  But then when I went to post another picture I noticed that I wasn't showing up on any of the hashtags I used.  If you click the link above it'll take you to Helene's post about what causes shadowbans & what you can do to fix it.

During my conference period I got called for a potential interview!  The call was from the girls' athletic coordinator in a different district & she just wanted to talk to me & then said she just needed to talk to someone else first and then would get back to me about setting up an interview.  So fingers crossed!!

After work I went home to change & then meet my friend Katherine.  We went to Rahr & Sons Brewery for a drink before going to Magnolia Motor Lounge for supper.  I had one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life.  So good!  After we were done eating we headed next door to Capital Bar so we could see Cameran Nelson & Sam Riggs play.  They were both so good & we met some pretty fun people while we were there.  I didn't get home & to bed until close to midnight but it was still worth it.

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Thursday I was surprisingly well rested despite getting 5 hours max of sleep the night before.  Work was whatever, but like I said above I'm over it.  The end of the year is always tough to get through anyway but that compiled with the fact that I'm not coming back next year, & how that all went down, I'm extra over it.

After work I immediately drove to Dallas so I could meet up with Helen & Caleb for a crawfish boil.  It was $30 for all you can eat.  We each ate until we were full & then went and sat on a bench to go relax, talk, and drink some beer.  We had been sitting up front at a table but the cover band was so loud we couldn't talk, and they weren't that good, so we had no problem giving our table up.  Eventually a couple of other friends joined us.  We drank a little more & then went on an adventure to Glazed for some donuts & then one more stop for some tots, & almost a succulent but no such luck on that one...  I got home around 11 & straight to bed for me again.  I am clearly in summer mode because I spent 2 back to back school nights just out with friends doing whatever until all hours of the night not worrying about having to be at work the next morning.

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What Made Me Laugh

What I'm Grateful For
12 - Visiting Stephenville for the first time
13 - First date at Topgolf
14 - Phone call with my mama
15 - Started watching One Tree Hill
16 - 2nd date with Mr. Vet Tech
17 - Sam Riggs concert
18 - Crawfish boil


  1. OMG those funnies are too funny! (I'm pretty sure I wore a ponytail holder on my wrist during my wedding- it's always with me!) Yes, the last few weeks of school have dragged on FOREVER! Hang in there!

  2. Oh my goodness. I am sorry you won't be retained at your current job. That really sucks and I hope you find something soon. sorry that it isn't working out with the vet tech like we all hoped.

  3. A crawfish boil sounds so good! I saw you said visiting Stephenville for the first time....I grew up in Stephenville :) My parents still live there and I go a few times a week!!

  4. The run around for something important like a job is the worst!!!! Sorry the second date wasn't super awesome. Boys are weird. I loved one tree hill! I just watched it for the first time last year. And I love that "brook Davis" is on Chicago PD. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. LAME on the runaround from the district. That totally sucks. Hoping you'll pick up an interview with the new district though! I feel like there's a lot going on in education right now but no one is saying anything. I'm hearing all kinds of underground rumors, too.

  6. Ugh that's so annoying about your job sitch. And I might not recognize myself if stop sorting things by "Price: Low to high" hahaha

    1. Haha right?? I don't think I'll ever stop sorting my life "low to high"