Monday, May 15, 2017

Graduation, Golfing, & Groceries

Student: Damn miss!  You getting thick!  Who you getting thick for?

Also known as the moment on Friday that I needed to start Whole30 today.  By Whole30 I really mean Whole21 because I leave for Denver in 3 weeks.  And by Whole21 I really mean Whole30 approved for breakfast, lunch, & anytime I eat at home, which is most of the time.  I'm not going to say no to going out from time to time because the end of the school year is coming & I already had some plans in place.  I'm aiming for 80/20 which is way more realistic for me anyway.  I'll share what I ate & any recipes on my Friday posts.

Moving on...I hope that y'all had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend & enjoy this upcoming week!  Linking up with Biana!

Prior to the "you getting thick" comment, during lunch they had teacher appreciation desserts from the PTA so I obviously had some chocolate cake & cookie dough dip.  I left work early so that I would have time to go home & change before I headed down to Stephenville.  I told my friend Katherine that I would go down to her graduation for grad school, which is how we met.  I had to be there about 5:15 & since I live about 2 hours from there, there would have been no way I would have made it on time if I didn't leave work early.  Despite the fact that I go to Tarleton for grad school, I've never been to Stephenville where it's located because I go to the Fort Worth campus.  I pretty much fell in love with the area.  Graduation was just for people getting their PhD & Master's so it only lasted about an hour.  Afterwards we went to Chili's for a couple of beers where our server was another guy who is in our grad program.  I then made the 2 hour journey back home & got home around midnight.  I was so tired that it was immediately to bed for me.

I don't recall if I really mentioned it or not but back in the beginning of April former best friend & I had a massive falling out.  Like not really on speaking terms, probably never will be again, fall out.  Well I still had a couple of things in his storage unit that I needed to get out but hadn't had the time due to always having other stuff going on.  Well, Saturday I finally went & got it.  I had one last box of teaching stuff in my TV in there.  It is officially out, my copy of the key got thrown in the dumpster, & it's all over with.  If I think back on everything it's sad to think how everything got reduced to a thrown away key but in the end, I really am happy.  I feel like I can finally breathe again (only metaphorically because my allergies are ensuring that I can't actually breathe...)

Later that afternoon I had my 4th first date of the week.  We went to Top Golf.  I had never been before.  He had never been the one who had to set it up before.  Therefore when we showed up there was a 2 hour wait.  So we ate some food, had a couple of drinks, & just talked for a couple of hours until it was our turn to be up.  Y'all I suck.  Like laughably suck.  I did start to get a little better by the end so I guess there's that!  Small world but I saw a former student of mine.  We were initially supposed to golf right next to each other but then we got moved due to technical difficulties.  I agreed to a 2nd date with the guy but I'm unsure when it will be just because I already had most of my week filled with plans with friends.  I'm also done with 1st dates for a bit.  Until I can sort out which of these 2 guys, Vet Tech & Topgolf, if either, will get a 3rd date or more, I can't handle any more 1st dates, nor should I be if I do want to see if it will go anywhere with either of them.   

When I got home that night I could feel my allergies starting to set in.  It probably doesn't help that there's an air quality alert for Fort Worth right now.  So, it was tea, soup, & Netflix for me the rest of the night until I was finally able to fall asleep.

I did nothing.  My allergies are so bad.  I spent most of the day either sleeping or watching season 2 of Master of None on Netflix.  I did manage to go the grocery store & do some food prep for the week.  I didn't buy anything really for supper because at the time Tuesday was the only day I would MAYBE have to fend for myself.  However, that night Vet Tech said we'd have to reschedule for Monday because he forgot he was helping a friend move.  Well he also has plans Tuesday & I have plans Wednesday-Friday so we'll see if a 2nd date gets set up or not.  

As far as allergies go though, do any of y'all have any go to remedies?  I feel like mine are extra bad this year.  Like knock me out flat, can't do a thing bad.  I've been trying tea, soup, hot showers, hot baths, allergy meds, sinus meds, advil, essential oil, Vicks...nothing seems to really be helping.


  1. I'm so sorry baby girl, allergies are the worst! My kids and husband use Claritin. My biggest issue is the watery eyes so I take it when that's happening but I have also heard that peppermint oil in Tea supposed to be helpful.

    1. Thank you! I might have to go pick some up because I was thinking about putting it in the shower too to see if that helps at all.

  2. Top golf sounds like so much fun - I wish they would build one here!! I like the 80/20 rule! That's a good one! Everything in moderation is my motto! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Blergh, I don't know what the cure to allergy symptoms is or else I'd be on that stat. I hope you feel better soon. Let me know if you find any Whole30 recipes that you like!

  4. I tried Whole30 once and it was sooo hard! Good luck! Top Golf sounds fun!

  5. I've never done Whole30, but I love your take on making it fit within your schedule and going for an 80/20 with what you're eating so you don't have to miss out on things. It sounds like a fun first date-- I've heard good things about Top Golf, but would definitely be terrible too!

  6. I am sorry about your allergies. I think I either have those, or permanent on-and-off sinus problems. Hot tea and lots of water helps me. Sorry about your ex-best friend, too, but sometimes you need to take care of yourself and think about what is best for you.

  7. Ugh. The allergies in DFW suck right now. I wish I had a solution. Your kid needs to watch his behind - that's just not right, lol. I suck at TopGolf too... but it's fun. Minus the crazy 2 hour wait times... but I'm glad the 1st date went well! ;)