Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Currently In April

I haven't done a currently since back in November.  I figured because it had been so long, & I was drawing a blank on exactly what I wanted to post right now, it was time to do another one.

Accomplishing not much at this very second but I'm about to clean my apartment & go grocery shopping

Buying nothing fun because I'm on a spending freeze but I'm going to get groceries later today...exciting!

Day Dreaming about all the trips I am taking & wanting to take this summer.

Drinking Miller Lite in the baby 8 oz cans

Eating I had pizza rolls & a banana for breakfast... lunch has yet to be determined... probably pizza rolls or PB&J

Enjoying the amazing weather & having a free weekend

Feeling mostly content.  Which, with everything that has gone down over the past couple of weeks is kind of a big deal

Knowing that regardless everything is going to be ok & good things are coming my way

Laughing at how old playing kickball made me feel

Listening To Nelly Pandora

Looking at recipes on Pinterest

Loving life

Making a grocery list

Needing a vacation

Noticing who is & isn't willing to care enough to stay in my life

Pinning nothing actually.

Practicing patience & moving on

Reading The Mark...sort of... I've read like 2 chapters...

Smelling spring

Waiting for summer to get here

Wanting to go to a Rangers game soon & also on a road trip to St Louis this summer

Watching nothing.  I started Mad Men on Netflix but I haven't really continued on.

Wearing jeans & a green WeFest t-shirt

Wondering where I'll be working next year, if I'll ever get out of the city, & when prince charming Mr. Forever will come along


  1. I love to daydream about travel and the baby Miller Lite cans are too so cute!! And so are you! Happy Wednesday!!

    1. I just want to go everywhere!

      LOL I had bought them for kickball. The week before I had tall boys & thought I was going to die trying to run around the bases after drinking one that big.

  2. Loving your outlook girl - everything will be okay and good things are coming your way! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Pizza rolls for breakfast- love it! I need to do a proper grocery run,... and a vacation, since my last request was denied :( I'm hoping to fill up my summer with some travel too, though I'm not sure where exactly I want to go!

  4. If people don't care enough to stay in your life, let them go!