Monday, April 10, 2017

A Weekend With No Plans

Oh Monday, it always comes to soon.  This was the first weekend since the middle of January that I didn't have plans.  It. Was. Awesome.  I only have to go to work 4 days this week & then I have a 3 day weekend!  Monday teachers still have to go to work but students don't.  So it's kind of like a 4 day weekend?  I hope that y'all had a great weekend!  Linking up with Miss Biana.

I had planned to duck out early on Friday so that I could go get my oil changed.  Well I didn't duck out early but I did still go get my oil changed.  I do not change my oil at the mechanics recommended 3000 miles.  I normally aim for 5000 miles.  Well I somehow missed that & was at 7000 miles.  I won't say where I got my oil changed but I will say it was a national chain.  Now, anytime I go to this particular chain, or any chain really, they always seem to find something else wrong with my car.  So, when they came out to tell me that I'd have to fix xyz I was expecting it.  What I was not expecting was for them to tell me the two things I needed done would cost me $820.  Thanks but no thanks.  One of these things was my rear brakes.  Now, that one doesn't surprise me.  I knew at some point I'd be due.  The other thing I don't know that I trust them on for how briefly they had my car.  I declined to have the larger thing fixed (valve cover gasket replacement) & made a rear brakes appointment for the following week.  Like any true adult, I then called my parents.  I then called a real mechanic that I had gone to last year.  They could do my brakes for about $100 cheaper.  Sold!  They also said they would look over my car for free to let me know if there was in fact anything else wrong.

That night I played kickball again.  Unlike the first week, when I didn't have to stretch & played just fine, I managed to injury myself before the game started.  I kicked a ball during warm up & pulled my quad in my right leg.  I then went up to kick for the first time & pulled my quad in my left leg.  I was basically useless the rest of the game.  2 or 3 others on the team also got injured one way or another.  I blame this on our 6-5 loss because we were up 5-3 at one point.  After the game we went out for some beer & to watch the Rangers on TV.  Then it was time to go home & go to bed because old & sore.

Saturday I was going to get shit done.  Saturday I did not get shit done.  I started off my morning with coffee, blogging, & browsing Pinterest for recipe ideas for the week.  Then, after taking a look at my bank account, I decided to work with what I have for the most part.  So out went the recipes.  I went to the grocery store to get the few things I needed & then went to go down to the lake to read for a bit.  While I was reading my friend Katherine text me asking what I was doing that night.  If it had been anyone else, or if she wasn't moving 5 hours away in a couple of weeks, I probably would've just stayed home.  But she is, so I didn't.  I went inside & started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.  I only made it half way through the first episode when she was ready to go out.  We went out for a margarita near me & then found ourselves down in the Stockyards.  We each only had a couple of beers & then just walked around...a lot.  There were a TON of people there.  When I got home I watched the rest of the first episode of 13 Reasons Why & then went to bed.

Basically I binge watched 13 Reasons Why all day.  I watched it while I prepped my breakfasts for the week.  I watched it while I hung up clothes in my closet.  I did take a break to listen to a couple of Eric Church albums on vinyl & take a walk around the lake.  Then, it was right back to Netflix.  After episode 8 I had to move it to the kitchen so that I could binge watch & do dishes & prepare my lunches for the week.  I had to stop at the end of episode 12.  A big part of me wanted to just finish it because I had come so close.  But not only did episode 12 end around 10, which is bedtime, I needed to watch something funny & lighthearted because I knew what was coming in the last episode & I needed to watch something light & less emotionally draining before going to sleep.


  1. My son binged all the 13 reasons episodes. He said it was good but really gave you something to think about! I love the "Saturday, I did not get shit done"...same here girl!! Hope this Monday treats your right!!

    1. It's so heavy & as a teacher, when I watch the teacher/counselor on there I want to shake them. I have to stay late for a couple of weeks now to make up for our missed day from the storm so I'm going to watch the last episode today while I'm staying late. Happy Monday!!

  2. Oh no - sorry to hear your kickball experience wasn't that great!! Hopefully next time will be better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh no sorry to hear that you got hurt before kickball. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. I hope your legs are feeling better from kickball, ouchie! I always mean to get all the things done on my day off and I am lucky to get anything done most days! Nothing infuriates me more than finding a bunch of crap wrong when I am just getting an oil change. I want to be like stop trying to take advantage of me, I am not an know?!?!

  5. Oh no, I'm so sorry you injured your quad! I hope you're feeling OK now. Also, that cocktail from Saturday looks so good!

  6. Oh no lesson learned! Hope your quads aren't aching too badly. I guess stretching before the game is mandatory from now on! On the bright side you have a long weekend to look forward too.

  7. I don't like to watch heavy/"draining" shows before sleep, either. "Family Guy" is one of my before-sleep shows.